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Have you ever been to a pond whose water has not been changed? Does the water smell fresh or stale? How about visiting the riverside or taking a vacation to view some springs. What do you notice? Where will you prefer to be? From my perspective I think I’ll fill more comfortable inhaling fresh air and viewing fresh clear water flowing continuously than standing near a pond whose water is colored due to its water not been emptied or changed.
There are similarities and differences between the two scenarios painted. The pond and the spring both contain water, the water contained in both were both fresh at a particular point in time. Now lets look at the differences, the water from the spring was clear, clean, welcoming i.e life accommodating and also flowing, while the water from the pond was stale, dirty and not flowing.
Most believers fall into two categories, you’re either a spring or a pond. God extended his love and grace to us and commanded us to share it to others but, do we really do this? We have been given a whole lot of things to share with others but we simply don’t do it. Have we forgotten that it is he/she who gives that will receive. How often we cry to God give me, give me and when he does give we accumulate it rather than sharing with others and thus stink. The love of Christ we are to share is likened to the water from the spring, river or pond. When we accumulate and suffocate ourselves we stink, there will be no growth, we’ll live for ourselves and not for Christ. On the other hand, when we share Christ’s love, it’s like the water in the river or spring which flows continually, virtue is gone out of us, as we ask, God gives us more, we are more broken and surrendered, the water is clear and continually flowing, we grow more in faith and wax stronger in Spirit. I pray henceforth that God helps us to be like the spring whose waters flow continuously. Make a decision today. What do you want to be? A pond, stream or a river, an ocean?

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