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Love In Red

He looked at me in the eye and said,

daughter give me your heart
I pondered on what he said, wondering why I should give my precious heart

With tears in his eyes he held out his pierced hand and said daughter I’ve given my life
all I ask is your heart.

Sitting by my bedroom window, I watched the twilight pass
The peace I felt in my heart was nothing compared to anything I’ve ever had
Why had I held back my heart for so long?
Well now I’m his, I’m never turning away

I can’t give this up, no I can’t I said
It’s so precious to me
It will be a barrier between us, said my love
You’ll have to give it up.

He left his father’s throne
A prince turned servant, all to win my heart
He must have given so much, no his all he gave
Oh! I must lay me down then.

The road did not look rosy
The storms raged, the billows rolled
My friends deserted me
Yet I was content to be with my love.
I’ll be with him while eternity rolls.

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