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Adedokun Shalom Kehinde

I will liken Vashti the Queen to a believer who had once been the King’s favourite, enjoyed queenly privileges and enjoyed long time benefits and communion with God. But now, due to (much or less) intimacy with God has now allowed self, pride and over familiarity to take over. Vashti was once the King’s favourite, loved by all, beautiful, honourable. But she had allowed the crown on her head to ‘get into her head’.

Some believers think because of the anointing of God upon their lives, they can do anything and do not answer to anyone. They feel the whole world floats beneath them. ‘they have now arrived’, not knowing that it is just the gift and call which is without repentance that is still operating in their lives. The presence of God is long gone from their lives.

Oh that we may examine ourselves now, before we get to the stage where Vashti was. Denounced, embarrassed….,and removed for her folly.
We must always remember that the creation is not greater than its creator, for the creator has the power to both mar or make it. Today Vashti is remembered for her folly. What do you want to be remembered for????
We must know that for every removed person their is always a replacement

The King had to look for a befitting Queen for himself and his nation, one who could be an example.
So the search for a Queen began.
But now, their were qualifications required, the king did not want just anybody.
The King wanted a Queen that was
*and a VIRGIN*
What is a Gem?
A Gem is a precious stone of substantial monetary value which cannot be found just on the surface, it is often searched out for.
Now one may have thought that beauty was going to be enough to serve the king, but alas no. It wasn’t enough
We know that out of these numerous fair, young, virgins just one was selected. *ESTHER*

But I tell you, it wasn’t easy to get there because there were a lot of competitors who had great prospects and qualifications
Before we continue, let’s analyze what fair, young and virgin means.
In today’s day I’d say that

  • The Fair- is that true Christian who wants to please the King, who must be like Christ. Whose life must radiate light inwardly and outwardly, the people of the world must be able to say that this one is not part of us. That life must be one who shines in darkness and reflects the beauty of Christ. It must reveal Christ and glorify God.
  • Young- this applies to us majorly the young ones. Now that we are youthful is the ideal time to serve God, the bible says in the book of Ecclesiastes that remember now, thy creator in the days of thy youths. So now that we are strong, we should do exploits for God, interceding, doing evangelistic outreaches, visiting orphanages, prisons… the Bible also says it is good that a man bears his yoke in his youth.
  • Virgin- the life that must please the king must be void of all defilement. We must be holy, pure without any trace of uncleanness or filthiness. Our lives should be totally lived spent serving God, doing his work, fulfilling his will, plan and purpose for our life.

Apart from being young, fair and beautiful, this ladies went into seclusion to purify themselves with myrrh oil, sweet odours and other things.
Imagine going through the same routine for 12 months just to become the King’s Queen
They went thru the first 6month massaging their skin with oil of myrrh not minding the fact they were repeating the same process each day for six months
Today believers!!!!
Can we do this. Glean from God’s word, same chapter, same thing each day with God’s word that it may purify us???
Can we do this so we may be nearer to God?
NB: not only Esther did this, everyone in the King’s harem went through this same process. Studying Gods word is not for some set of people
It is not just for Leaders, Pastors, Apostles, Teachers. It is for everyone including you.
God says call upon me and I will answer you and show you great and mighty things which you know not. He says study to show thyself approved….. Rightly dividing the word of truth.
The world of today is the world where you have to know what you believe and stand for it yourself, regardless of if your pastor is there or not.
Esther 2:3 says, And let the king appoint officers in all the provinces of his kingdom, that they may gather together all the fair young virgins unto Shushan the palace, to the house of the women, unto the custody of Hege the king’s chamberlain ,keeper of the women; and let their things for purification be given them:
Just being a fair young virgin as a Christian doesn’t still qualify you or mean you’ll please the king very well. The fair young virgins in our text didn’t start serving the king immediately; they had to receive some training and tutoring. So also for that Christian who wants to be the one God has special interest in, you need to undergo some deeper things, processes of training, tutoring, and preparation. These trainings are not just to be received under anybody, but under skillful persons who will bring out hidden gifts and potentials in you, they are also going to deposit wonderful things in you, that will help you please God more.
From our text, they were not just under tutelage but were also given things to be used for their purification. As Christians whose utmost desire is to please God, we need to know the things that purifies us, the things that will cause the beauty of Christ to shine out of us.
The word of God- which is also the sword of the Spirit. The word of God is that sharp two- edged sword that corrects us, refines us making us more like Christ. The more we study God’s word, the more we grow and become like him. When we err, it is his word that corrects us.
Prayer- when we are conscious of our wrongs which God points outs to us through his word. We are not just to remain in the conscious state, doing nothing but we are to pray and seek God’s face to change us and cause us to be more and more like him daily. The devil is also interested in any one whose heart desire is to please God, he will set traps and snare for such a person. It is in the place of prayer we will combat with him and defeat him. Prayer is also communing or talking to God and he talking back to us, so the more we pray, the more we are closer to God.
Total obedience- if we must win the heart of God, then we must be totally obedient to him.

why was Esther singled out???
Favor with God and character.

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