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The sky cried.

Rain poured down in torrents. Never had it happened like this before.

What was happening? Ooooooohhh!!!! How I wish we’d listened.

The four footed beasts were languished. Even the birds of the air were frightened. River banks overflowed.

The great Chief’s grand house was not spared. It was reduced to shambles.


A fortnight ago, the sky smiled at us.

Mother nature was resplendent in all of it’s glory. Laughter rang in the air as children played.

While attending to Aunty Zaina’s cattle, I had eavesdropped on daddy warning the elders. They had laughed him to scorn.

He had left them alone and moved on to Mishael’s house where a housewarming party was going on.

“My people” he had cried, change your ways and turn to God.

Alas!! No one gave him attention.

“God is provoked with your carefree attitude, emulate your fathers Abel and Enoch. They are our examples. Why must you sear your consciences ” he had cried as he broke down at a town meeting.

Everyone be sober, change!!!!

Turn unto God. Stop your merriments and feasting.

God is going to pour floods of waters on the earth. He will destroy all flesh.


But they would not hear.



The ark was almost completed. Made of gopher wood, it had lots of rooms inside. It stood as a wonder.

“Come on Noah this flood you’re talking about cannot happen” teased Jared

“The ground is so strong and receptive, we cannot be flooded” added Mahalaleel.

“What are you talking about Noah” a white haired elder butted in, How can God destroy us all, it is not possible. Relax.

“So you’re saying this stuff you’re building will protect you from the waters.

Noah, aaaaarrrrgggghhhh!!!!! Receive sense” another youth jeered.


And the flood bank of heaven went loose.

It was like magic.

It was incessant.

The little drizzle they thought would stop was not stopping.

The water had passed over Elder Zithri’s house, he was the wealthiest man in the country whose house was eight storeys tall.

Men and animals held unto the loftiest of trees with their very breath.

“Noah!!!!!!! Open the door!!!!!” They cried

We repent!!!!!

We change!!!!

But no!!!!!, their time for redemption was over.

God himself had shut the door.

The door of mercy was closed.


Are you reading this today and you’ve had the gospel preached numerous times to you, yet you shut your ears.

The door of mercy will soon be closed!!

Are you still languishing in your sin saying there’s grace? That ‘so called grace would soon cease to exist’.

Noah’s people had no Bible, yet they perished, they were warned severally.

Are you struggling with sin?

Know this!!

We have much more than they ever did, we have the bible, we have God the Father, Jesus and the Holy Spirit. We are without excuse. Cling to God with your very being. He has made a way for your escape.

Remember Sodom and Gommorah had no bible. Jesus said it will be more tolerable for them than for you who have heard and turned your back against him. Mark 6:11.

Why Must You Die?

The door is still open today!!!


Run!!!! To the ark!!!!

Take shield, take cover in it.

Do not abuse Christ’s grace!!

Do not crucify him a second, third time.

Abide in him!!!

Rest in his love, his arms are open wide.

Christ still receives sinful men!!!

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God bless you.

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