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The Importance Of Pain

Oh God!!!! Why me? What did I do wrong? What have I done to deserve this?
These are questions we often ask ourselves.
God!!!!! I’ve served you faithfully why do I have to suffer? Why do I have to go through so much pain?

‘Pain and suffering will be used interchangeably in this article.’
First, we have to establish a fact. There is no such thing as pointless pain’ in the life of a Christian.

God loves us so much that even in our sufferings, he has designed something awesome to come out of it.

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Suffering in itself is not something joyful. It does not mean gaining point with God neither is it a sign of holiness or accomplishment.
It is imperative that we pass through pain if we truly want to be better versions of ourselves. click here to read about how God prunes us to become better Pain is not a child’s play. It is not something one would like to go through a thousand times over.

Now, to get a shirt befitting to meet the president of your company, you have to ensure that the shirt is properly ironed. You can’t show up at the meeting looking like you just popped out of a circus. You have to get that shirt pressed. Oh my!!!! It’s gonna hurt that shirt. The shirt has to go through a painful process, you’re gonna be combining heat and pressure on it. Ouch!!! That’s terrible, pain hurts. If that shirt’s got a mouth, trust me its gonna cry, did I say cry, it’s gonna wail, but it will smile later. It’s going to come out awesome, looking fabulous.

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Oswald Chambers wrote “sorrow burns up a great amount of shallowness”.
As Christians, why Is It Important To Pass Through Pain?

• Pain displays God’s strength in our weakness. It shows us how helpless we are without God.
• It breaks us and creates brokenness in us. Now, it is not desire for God to break our souls just like that for no good reason making us cry rather, he breaks us to remove the outer shell, flesh which prevents us from being all he wants us to be. He wants to remove our pride, selfish independence, haughtiness, rebellion, he wants to prune and beat these things out of us. Most of these things will be accomplished through pain because as humans we are likely not to leave our comfort zones.
• To build compassion. Heb4:15, our pain is never wasted as it brings out compassion out of us, it causes us to reach out to other hurting people passing through that very season. We then can boldly say ‘the Lord saw me through and helped me, I’ve been there, just trust God, he will bring you out’. 2cor 1:14 it allows us minister comfort to others.

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• Our pain and suffering helps us to rely solely and depend entirely on God. When it’s hard to pray We become very humble and rely on God totally in our sufferings. Sometimes, rather most times these sufferings and pains truly brings out the best of us. Rather than whine or complain, we turn to him alone who has the ability to bring us out of life’s hurdles. If you would be truly honest with yourself, you’ll agree with me that the seemingly terrible things usually pave ways for our greatness and distinction. These pains strips us of life’s distraction, causing us to channel our energies into running and burying our faces in daddy’s legs for help.

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• Encourage others. Phil 1:12-14. Who suffered more than Paul the Apostle in the new Testament? (apart from Christ anyway) no one!! He passed through numerous beatings, shipwreck, nakedness, hunger, perils, untold hardships. He did right things, yet he did pass through pain. Through his pains and sufferings he still allowed and submitted himself to God’s use. He kept on encouraging others. His life still remains a challenge to the church today. To the wounded Christian
• To purify and test our faith. Some Christian folks are faithful to learn and obey the word of God, yet trials still comes and they pass through sufferings. Remember Jesus says those who bear more or much fruits he will purge that they may bear more. If this is your case relax, the master is only pruning you so that you’ll be more fruitful. we’re filled to be emptied again

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• To mature us. Jesus is coming for a perfect, spotless bride. He wants us to grow from being milk drinkers and meat eaters to lovers of strong meat who are strong and help and support weaker brethren not just remaining babes always being taught, never growing. Always learning. These hardships come to mature us taking us out of our comfort zones.click here to read about THE POTTER moulding us

This is a challenge for you and I. first to understand the source of the pain (it could be the enemy, whose pleasure is to sew tares into our lives). To identify it.
If it is from Christ, we embrace it rather than complain allowing his Spirit to guide us and work in us that we may be better.
Whatever season of life we are, it is imperative that we allow God to bring out the best out of it instead of worrying and complaining about it. Worship don’t whine.

(worrying helps no one nor provides solutions).

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