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Vera frowned deeply.

Her forehead was creased, the whole of her face read worry.

Her back ached from being arched due to strain. She was bent over the work table trying to complete her work load.

Oh God!!!! When do i get to complete this work? I’ve got tons of things to do. I’ve not cooked Dave’s meal.

I’m so absorbed with work I might miss Diana’s first steps. I hardly spend time with my family yet I’m not making progress at work.

I’m just so busy and tired, I wish I could get extra hours added to my time.

I’m so unhappy, I feel so choked up God.

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Mr Reinhardt, you have to cut back on your work load.

You’re stressing your heart, I understand that you are a perfectionist and you don’t want what you’ve builded these past 38 years to crumble.

Please take some time to relax.

An heart attack finally jolted me to the realities of life.

I cut back my work load, took to travelling, enjoying little things.

The beauty of laughter, the perfectness in a smile.

I realized I had to live for today, not tomorrow savouring the moment.

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Is the above your story or much more worse than this?

The first thing you’ve got to do is


Yes Breathe. Relax, calm down.

You can’t change a single thing by worrying. If worrying doesn’t solve your problem then why worry?

  • Appreciate the things you do.

You’ve got to appreciate your efforts. They’re are not to be taken lightly. No matter how little they are, appreciate yourself for being better, more proficient than yesterday. Do not berate or castigate yourself

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  • Reward yourself

Have you overworked yourself, stretched yourself. Then It’s time for you to take a break, pause. Give yourself little treats. You could go on a vacation to relief stress. Go sightseeing to places to you’ve really wanted to go. Indulge in your cravings for a little while. Have your spouse babysit so you can go relax with friends. Or go to a spa and give yourself that much needed massage.

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  • Savour the moment

When you do the little things you enjoy. It is a convenient, free and effective way to increase your happiness, quality of life and even reducing stress.

When you enjoy what you have, you appreciate what you’ve got rather than lamenting and complaining on what you don’t have and creating stress for yourself by striving too much.

It is important to note.

I’m not saying that striving to attain our goals is wrong. What I’m saying is we shouldn’t get so caught up in our strivings that we make ourselves so stressed and sick, beating ourselves up because we only achieved a little not the much expected. I’m saying that you celebrate yourself for your little achievements, savouring the moment.

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