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Ten Things Christians Should Stop Expecting.

When it comes to following Christ, we are all a ‘work in progress.’

A christian is one who not only professes Christ but embraces his teachings. The world around him knows that he is different.

There are many things we do which we need to STOP!

  • Stop expecting the world to like you.

The world didn’t like Christ, they were mean to him. Why should they like you? Are you any better or different than your master? We must remember that we are not of this world, we are pilgrims just passing through. We do not belong here. John 15: 18-27, Math 10:22.

  • Stop antagonizing your fellows

To antagonize means to irritate or upset someone. We are called to help build one another and not to pull down. Why should we tear apart our fellow brethren insert link to the wounded here. Jesus says by this love will the world know we are his disciples. Let us quit the segregations and condemnations on trivial matters. John 13:35, 1Thess 5:11

NB: we are not to condone sin.

  • Stop Gossiping

You could ask me ‘Shalom, is it possible for a Christian to gossip? My answer will be Yes. Some ‘Christians’ gossip. They do so by sharing ‘juicy prayer requests’. They have no intention of helping or praying for those involved rather they spread sour tales of others through the seemingly helpful stance of sharing prayer requests. Psalms 34:13; 101:5, Eph 4: 29.

  • Stop thinking it’s okay for you to be silent about your faith.

Most people won’t respond to things they do not see or hear. Just as it is imposible to represent Jesus by the way we live, it is also expedient we also go out and preach the gospel with our mouths. Math 10:27, Rom 10:14.

  • Stop acting like the great commission was the great suggestion.

Math 28:19 says GO. It uses the word go to emphasize it’s extreme Importanace. The word ‘Go’ is a verb. Verbs are action words, doing words. It is a command. We must not act as if we were left with a choice. We must Go. Mark 16:5.

  • Stop using grace as a license to live however you want.

The Bible says, should we continue in sin that grace might about? The answer was a Resounding No. It may not be sin now, are there things which we have to let go yet we wallow in it claiming or saying there’s still grace? Beware lest that grace be taken away from you. 1john 2:4, Heb 10:26-31.

  • Stop pointing out the speck in your brothers eye while ignoring the plank in yours.


We must always look inwards to exine ourselves before we considered correcting or admonishing others.

  • Stop acting like you’re better than those who don’t know Jesus.

Definitely we know that you are better. You’ve received the privilege of sonship, things are clearer now, you are no longer a slave. Yet, you must be watchful and wise lest pride take over you. Rom 11:17-22, if God could remove the natural branches and grafted us in, we must be extremely careful lest we be removed.

  • Stop ranking sin.

Sin is sin. Whether lying or idol worship they remain sin and occupy the same position. The person who told a lie and the witch we all end up in the same place. HELL. STOP THE RANKING.

  • Stop using the Bible to beat people up.

It is your numerous preachings or your vast knowledge of the Bible that actually saves. It is not how you package the words or spew it out that converts or changes people to become different. Love will do much more cause love always wins. 1 Cor 13.

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