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Why Must You Die?

The gavel dropped.

“You are condemned to death” the judge said, observing me.

Tears shone in his eyes as the prosecutor smilled. He had raw evidences against me. He knew that that was the hour of my demise.

My mouth hung open as I gasped.

I could not utter a word, I could not plead an innocent statement because all the evidences were filed. They sat on the prosecutor’s desk.

I knew I was guilty of all the allegations. Yes, I deserved the death sentence, my crimes were numerous.

I had lived life without thinking of where my crimes could lead me to.

I had always thought that I would escape.

Alas! here I was, helpless without any advocate, lawyer or defender.

I fell down as tears rolled down my face. I had come to my end.

The prosecutor had made sure there was no door of mercy open for me.

“You must pay in full for all your crimes” he had said as he smirked, “you cannot escape this. No one can bail you out.”

Hope fled out the window.

As I prepared my heart to resign to the death sentence. I stood up camly and took a closer look at the people sitted in the court room.

There faces were changing. It was as if they were two faced. One part of their face looked like the faces of demons the other part of their face resembled people I knew. I saw my Pastor, lecturer, roommate and saw other people I had met in my life’s journey.

One common thing connected them, these were the people who cheered me up in my quest of pursuing life. These were the very people who had turned me away from God at several junctures of my life.

Here in the courtroom they sat, cheering the prosecutor. They smiled happily, laughing with each other, rejoicing that I ended up here, condemned without mercy.

I was dumbfounded.

I thought they loved me. My Pastor had said as long as I sowed seeds and gave to the poor I was alright. At another time when my conscience pricked me concerning my crimes, he said “relax, grace covers it all” I had yielded and continued in my folly.

The friends I chose were not helping matters. I watched helplessly as they mocked me. Tears streamed down my face as the officer in charge of execution began to drag me by my hair to the electric chair.

“I’m sorry, have mercy” I pleaded, it was almost as if my pleas fell on deaf ears. They all looked at me with blood lust wanting to see me die.

Then suddenly a stranger came in, he walked calmly to the prosecutor’s desk.

The courtroom went silent.

I stood transfixed, the smile on the prosecutor’s face evaporated and was replaced with rage. The stranger picked up the file of evidences that was filled against me, picked up his lighter and burnt them to ashes.

He erased my name from the sentence file, turned to me and said, “Daughter I will take your blame.”

He hugged me and said “Go your crimes are erased, be free and remain in that freedom.


The Judge was Good, merciful yet just.God can’t do this

The stranger, Jesus Christ.

The prosecutor, Satan.

The people in the court room, people sent on an assignment from the pit of hell to draw multitudes to hell. They look normal, they are our friends and colleagues, people we meet on a daily basis, brandishing false doctrines, wolves in sheep’s clothing some of who are deceived and go about decieving others.

Christ died that we may live. We must not spurn his love for us and abuse grace. The scripture says

What shall we say then? Shall we continue in sin that grace may around? God forbid. Romans 6:1

We must know that God is just and the wages of sin remains death.

Regardless of our opinions or varying beliefs, God’s word stands sure and will come to pass.

Choose Christ today.

Why must you die?

All the enjoyment of Earth is not worth one minute of suffering in hell.

The most important life decision is choosing Christ.


Adedokun Shalom Kehinde.

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