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Mama was getting impatient as she sat shaking her feet. At Sixty-two she was a agile, strong, domineering woman who had single handedly trained her children.

She picked up her phone to dial a number when the door opened.

“Aaaahan Laura! See as you kept me waiting” She shouted impatiently, rising to her feet. “I told you I have to go for Iya Michael grandchild’s naming ceremony.” She added.

“Mama I’m so sorry for keeping you waiting. I had to go to the market to get you some things from the hospital.”

“Hmmmmmm, oya what did the doctor say?” She said placing her hands akimbo.

“Mama the doctor said said said…” she stuttered, fear written over her face.

“Soro, kilo ko si e le nu? (speak up, what is blocking your mouth?)”

“The doctor said nothing was wrong with me, He said I am okay. He only prescribed some vitamins for me and said I should rest” she managed to say, staring at the tiled floor for fear of meeting Mama’s gaze.

“Are you sure this doctor knows what he is saying?” Mama said softly to the amazement of Laura. She appeared very concerned.

“Yes ma, he is not the only doctor I have seen. He is the twelfth one yet they all say the same thing. My husband too has gone for test, they said …..”

“Eheeen, what are you trying to imply” Mama cut in, anger oozing out from her voice again. ” That something is wrong with my son? Impossible. It cannot be.”

“Mama, I never said anything was wrong with him” A sheen of tears was already forming in Laura’s eyes. Mama could be difficult when she wanted to be. ” I was saying that all the tests he did came back negative too.”

“Yes na, omo baba re lo je (he is his father’s son). You must be the one with the problem. All my children have given birth to more than one child already except you.

Please stop hindering my son ooo. It must come from your side of the family” mama continued to speak. “You are the only one your mother gave birth to.”

The tears dropped. Mama’s words always hurt. The words that flowed from her mouth always stung like an adder. To her, Laura was barren.

“I have been patient enough for you Laura, this is the twelfth year already.” Mama started crying too. “David is my firstborn and only son, all his sisters have offsprings when will his own come?”

“I believe God will do it ma” Laura sniffed.

“Well, time does not wait for anyone. Since all the doctors have no solution for you, I have one.

Mama Risi, the one who lives in the house close to the market shared with me how her daughter-in-law who was barren for fifteen years gave birth to twins thrice.

She said they only had to take her to the big prophet of their church for prayers and fastings and she became pregnant.”

“Mama, I’m trusting God to do my own too”

“Now is the time to work too. Drop all this your born again stuffs, I am a Christian also.

If you don’t believe my own, at least you’ll believe that the prophet is real, good and powerful.

Shebi your Bible says to ‘believe his words and his prophet’ you have been believing his words all these years, come let’s go to the anointed prophet too. Laura do this for this old woman” her voice pleaded.

“Mama I cannot……”

She rolled her eyes up and down with disgust. “You can and you will” she said with a serious look that increased Laura’s anxiety.

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  1. Interesting. Laura should keep to her faith in God and not yield to unscriptural suggestions of her mother in-law, and I know God will not disappoint her.

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