When things go awry Worship, Do not Whine.


Laura Adams maneuvered her way through the congested traffic.
Revulsion burned like acid in her stomach as more tears threatened.

Her mother-in-law was loosing patience on her already.

She had called her over the phone the previous day requesting that she visit another hospital for yet another check up.

“I just hope the problem is found this time” She had mumbled under her breath as it brought the car to halt in the hospitals parking space.

At least if there was a problem, a solution could be proffered.
She had thought to herself as she locked the car.

Her husband had insisted that she visit Better Care Hospital. Doctor Phelps Obi the new gynecologist in the area was rumored to be the best in the country.

She smiled as she remembered it now, the hospital was unusual.

The moment she had opened the door, cool air laced with a sweet fragrance brushed across her face.

It was so uncharacteristic of a hospital because it had a feeling of warmth.

The waiting area was a large, open an airy space enclosed by pristine white walls. It also had large windows overlooking the ever-busy townscape.

The appearance and arrangement of the hospital was designed to calm the patients’ nerves.

Yet, it did little to distract her from the train of thoughts flooding her mind.

“Dear God, please let this new Doctor find something wrong with me” she had prayed silently in the waiting room.

“Lord, take away this reproach from me. Give me a miracle.” She had cried out as liquid grief lined her face.

A middle aged woman had even held her hands lovingly, speaking relieve to her soul.

“My dear, all will be well, whatever the present situation is, it will not last forever.

Relax, calm down God is in control” Now that she remembered, those words brought a brief relief to her soul again.

The journey to the hospital had been fruitless. Doctor Phelps had found nothing wrong with her.

She was a healthy female with a clean health bill.

All the tests came back negative, she had been screened severally yet, nothing was found wrong with her.

A horn blared behind her jolting her back to the present.

“Madam please stop blocking the driveway.” An angry driver shouted.

“I’m so sorry she apologized” she had been so carried away by her thoughts she forgot that she had applied the brake causing her to obstruct traffic.

As she drove in to her street her eyes caught a young man and a woman laughing.

The relief in her soul disappeared, not because she hated them but because she desperately needed what they had.

The young woman was was a beautiful pregnant woman.


The house looked the same, everything seemed sane, neat and organized.

Her husband laid down on the bed surfing through the internet with his phone.

“Honey, what’s the matter?” David asked. He sat up straight noticing the weariness in her eyes.

“What did the new doctor say?”

“Same old report dear”

“Hmmmmmm, cheer up” David sighed. ” This is not the end of the world, God will do it for us miraculously. All will be well.”

Her already weak eyes broke into tears again. She hated to be pitied.

“Come here babe, come and rest. I have prepared your favorite food for you.

I don’t want my wife looking like my mother, Don’t let worry and anxiety eat you up. It will be well” He tried cheering her up.

She managed to smile. Her husband had been understanding all along but his mum?

She would do anything to frustrate life out of her if a miracle did not happen – and that EARLY.


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