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Peace crawled into Laura’s soul as the watery light of dawn seeped through the window panes. She felt so light as if all of her problems were gone.

The day was beautiful and the weather warm.

The sky was painted a bright blue and the green grass glistened. The sun shone in all of its strength adding beauty to the milky clouds. One could even dance to the faint chirping of birds as they sang gleefully.

Laura joined nature in worship as she prepared to go for Sunday service.

All looked well and good, parishioners smiled at each other as they walked into the church premises.

The service looked unusual from the start.

Every session of the Sunday service seemed to speak into Laura’s soul, quieting the storms that threatened to flood her.

The sunday school teaching talked about absolute trust in God despite the despair and challenges one may be face in life.

The ministration of the choir was superb, sonorous and anointed. It resonated in the depths of her soul.

The lyrics seemed to increase the level of her confidence in God. The Lauren Daigle’s song was just what she needed this morning.

“When You don’t move the mountains

I’m needing You to move

When You don’t part the waters

I wish I could have walked through

When You don’t give the answers

As I cry out to You

I will trust, I will trust, I will trust in You

I will trust in You.”

She turned briefly to see her husband nodding to the song with his eyes closed.

Then came the message.

For today’s service, the pastor of the church had invited a young guest minister.

The pastor preached on the faithfulness of God in all seasons.

Laura paid rapt attention to the sermon, asking God for a word for her life and situation.

“God is unchanging, whatever he says he will always bring to pass.” The preacher continued. “He honours his word more than his name” He emphasized.

Laura watched her husband as she prayed in her heart.

” Father, I know you are here and you are God, you know my situation, all I want is that you’ll give me your word that all will be well, so I can hold onto it no matter how much the storm rages” she prayed silently and sincerely.

Then suddenly, in the middle of the sermon, the preacher stopped and looked over at the congregation and declared.

” There is a family here today. A particular family that has been barren for twelve years, the Lord says this to you, At the time appointed unto you, you will have children and rejoice. He says only be patient and put your trust in me.

Laura could not believe her ears, her heart leapt for joy as her husband squeezed her hand.

“This is for us” he whispered into her ears.

Just as doubt was beginning to creep into Laura’s heart that the congregation sat twenty-five thousand people and that she was not the only barren one year. The pastor spoke again.

“God told me that you’re doubting his word, he says put your absolute trust in me”

All the doubts and fear feld out the window.

The Adams left the church with Joy and renewed confidence in God.


Four months later

“Honey! Honey! Please come quickly” Laura called out hastily, her breath in huffs and puffs.

David blazed into the bathroom where she was sitting, hurriedly as if he was been blown by a tornado. Laura sat on the top of the water closet her eyes shining with joy.

“Sweetie what is the matter? Is anything ……” He gasped as his eyes met what she was holding.

“Is this for real? Is it two tw…o two lines I see?” David stuttered as he collected the pregnancy test strip from her.

Laura nodded her head, overwhelmed and speechless.

“Aaaah! God be praised Hallelujah’’ He shouted for joy.

“You know we need to go to the hospital to do a proper test and…..”

“No way. hospital?” Laura cut in. “I can’t. I really don’t want to go to the hospital now. I can’t handle any medical jargons now. Hospitals have not given me any positive news so far”

“I understand you sweetheart but we would need the best medical help we can get plus you know you need to go for antenatal and all.”

The phone beeped cutting the conversation.

Mama’s text message was heart wrenching.







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