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Happiness shone in Laura’s eyes as she made herself comfortable in the back seat.

“I can’t wait to begin to buy those beautiful baby clothes I give to my friend for their baby shower” she said, elated as she looked at her husband.

“Which would you prefer pink or blue clothes?” she chuckled.

“I have not seen you this happy in months” David commented as their eyes met.

“I’m so happy God gave us a miracle” He smiled his eyes filled with warmth and adoration.

“Oga driver, you’ll be taking us to Better Care Hospital first before you drop me off at work.” He told the driver as he held Laura’s hand.

“Boy or girl? A child is a child. Any sex God gives us is most welcome, even though I would prefer a male child that looks like me” He smiled as he winked at Laura.

“I just hope everything will be alright and go well” Laura sighed.

“Come on dearie, don’t you trust God? Things will be perfectly fine.
He squeezed her hands to reassure her.

The Hospital looked the just the same.

They didn’t have to wait for a long time before they were ushered into the Doctor’s office.

“Good morning Doctor” David greeted as he extended his hand.

“Morning” Doctor Obi replied as he took his hand in a firm handshake.

“you must be the Adams please have your seat.”

“Mrs. Adams ….” Doctor Obi started.

“Please call me Laura.” Laura cut in.

“Okay. Laura, how have you been? Have you been taken your medications?

“Yes sir, I have been extremely faithful to them.”

“Doc, I can assure you of that myself, she has been taking the drugs though they just multivitamins, she’s never skipped any.” David added.

“Well…… Mr and Mrs Adams…” the Doctor dragged. “I’ve gotten your test result from the series of test you did today and…..”

“What is it? Positive right?” Laura cut in, her eyes full of hope.

David rubbed her back gently. “Honey calm down. We will soon hear the good news” he spoke gently to her ears.

“Okay!” the Doctor continued, a sad smile playing on his lips. “From the series of test carried out today, it shows that your body is okay and is in perfect condition.

You are okay and fit to carry a child.

“This is great news” David interrupted, grinning from ear to ear.

“Yes, that has always been the case, your wife’s medical history has always been good.” Doctor Obi continued “But, I’m so sorry to break this news. Mrs. Adams, you are not pregnant.”

“What!” the Adam’s screamed in unison.

“But the pregnancy strip said so!” Laura exclaimed, beads of sweat covered her forehead as her heart pounded. “I saw the faint line on the strip doctor” she shouted, grief written in bold, capital letters on her face.

“I’m sorry madam, it cou…..”

“No Doc, you don’t understand, I tested severally using the strip, all of them showed a faint line, which is positive. Laura cried out.

“Yes madam, I understand you” Doctor Obi replied, trying to calm the couple down. “The test was a false positive.

From your medical records, I discovered that your previous doctor placed you on Ovidrel which I stopped because your body is okay.

The false positive test could be as a result of this.

The tears dropped as Laura’s stomach twisted in knots, she could not bear to listen to all the things the doctor was saying.

“Honey, let’s go” she called out to David dragging him off the seat.

“Let’s do the test in another hospital, I’m sure the result is going to be different.”

“I’m sorry Doc, I apologize” David said as they exited the office.

The trip to two other hospitals yielded no positive result.

It was a false positive.


The annual family gathering was here again. Children ran up and down playing happily in the village.

The environment was peaceful and serene, a sharp contrast to the turmoil within Laura.

Several older women were huddled in bunch, murmuring in low voices that stopped abruptly as Laura approached.
Some heads jerked up and looked at her with narrowed eyes and down turned mouths.

“Laura! Laura!” Mama Abeti, Mama’s closest friend in the village called out to her.

She stood up from the congregation of gossipers and walked towards her.

“Why do you keep treating your mother-in-law that way, do you want her to die of a broken heart?

She has provided a perfect solution to end your problem, I don’t know why you’re this stubborn” Mama Abeti continued her hands on her hips as if she was daring Laura to fight her.

“Laura, where have you been” Aunty Bunmi, Mama’s fifth daughter piped from a corner joining Mama Abeti.

“I have been searching everywhere for you, thank you for the money you sent to me last time, it really helped my family”

“Oro owo ko ni an so bayi” (it is not money talk we’re talking about here) Mama Abeti cut in. “We are talking about her life and situation.” She continued.

“What is money without children to spend it on? It is just a useless and worthless effort being rich and having no child of your own”

“Eeeemmmm Aunty Laura” Bunmi held her hands gently. “See I’m so concerned and worried about you, I have five children already yet I am younger than you.

If you think about it well, what Mama is asking you to do is not bad.

She wiped up perspiration from her face and continued. “it is not as if she is asking you to sacrifice to the gods or commit sacrilege.

Just follow her to the prophet and receive your miracle. Finish.

Laura sighed as she remembered Mama’s message. Mama had gone ahead to schedule an appointment with the prophet.

She had sent a text to her saying she was a child of God and she would never go there.

Mama sat upstairs watching her angrily.

She came down the stairs hurriedly as if some demon were in hot pursuit of her and joined the conversation.

“Efile Jare” (leave her alone) Mama spat, shaking her legs vigorously.

“If you don’t do this simple thing we are asking you to do, that my only son we have a child then you must be very wicked.

You definitely are not the Christian you portray yourself to be, causing me this much grief.

Wicked woman” She turned as she spat out the last word leaving dust in her wake as she left hurriedly the same way she had come.

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