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Why Must You Die?

The moonlight blurred as her eyes filled with tears.

She moved away from the noise and celebration and almost stumbled as her feet hit the stump of a felled tree.

She continued walking down the street eager to be alone. Her husband was in the main house catching up with his family.

Mama never bothered him about their childlessness, all the blame and problems were always placed on her all because she was the only offspring of her late parents.

She sat down at the end of the street staring into utter space. She tried to pray but no words came, just anger at her predicament and dread of what mama could do next.


Two children trotted down the path singing happily.

“Good evening Aunty Laura” one curtsied, greeting her

“Good evening dear” she replied, sniffing to stop her runny nose.

“Aunty Laura, I have not seen your stomach big before” the other girl named Nimisire said.

“sssssshhhh!” her older sister Tolulope shushed her. “you don’t talk like that”

“But all the married uncles wives that are in this village use to have big stomach after sometime” Nimisire the five year old continued adamant.

“Stop it now” Tolulope shouted drawing her sisters ear.

“it’s okay, leave her alone, she’s an innocent child.” Laura intervened her lips parting into a sad smile.

The children left her presence with Nimisire still arguing.


The sad truth that she was barren stung.


The cafeteria was silent.


Laura sat gently on the seat waiting for her friends as she ordered food.

“I’m sorry, my boss did not release me on time” Adebimpe, Laura’s best friend said as she sat down. “I have called Evelyn, she is on her way already.”

Adebimpe and Evelyn were Laura’s friends at her place of work. They had met and had become good friends when an interdenominational fellowship started at their place of work. The trio discovered that they shared core values and faith together. They stuck together and helped one another through different seasons of life.

The waiter brought their meal as Evelyn came rushing in.

“Babe, how far? How you dey? Chai! My oga no go gree me rest, no vex sey I no call you all this while.” Evelyn chirped in, rushing through the sentence without pausing.

“seriously no vex” she continued the sparky sanguine that she was.

“How was your trip to the village?” Adebimpe, the quiet one asked. She knew how tense the relationship was between Laura and Mama.

“It was just the same, tasking as it had always been” Laura replied her demeanor down.MODESTY: THE FORGOTTEN VIRTUE

“Why are you picking at your food?” Evelyn noticed “And why is your countenance this sad as if the whole world as fallen on your shoulders.”

“come on, tell us what’s on your mind, don’t hide anything from us.” Bimpe probed her eyes full of concern. She took Laura’s hand in hers “You know a problem shared is half solved. Don’t eat up yourself”

“Mama has been disturbing me for sometime now” Laura started as she inhaled taking in breaths of fresh air.

“she asked me to come with her to see a prophet concerning the child matter, in fact she has already booked an appointment with him.”

Adebimpe’s eyes went wide with shock. “Really?” Bimpe asked as a gasp of surprise escaped her mouth.

“Why are you surprised Bimpe? I am even more surprised that she took this long before suggesting it.” Evelyn cut in.

The two of them stared at her as if her eyes had suddenly become ears.

“Well, what type of prophet is he?” She continued, stuffing a piece of pineapple into her mouth.

“Does your husband know about this?” Bimpe asked still gathering her thoughts.

“I have not told him yet” Laura replied. “Does it even matter if I tell him? I don’t want to come between him and his mother.”

“Aaaaaah, don’t say that, you have to tell him ooo” Bimpe advised.

“Whenever I bring up talk about mama’s pressure on me he says all will be well, so really I don’t think I want to tell him about this” Laura continued her eyes sunken.

“I’m really thinking about following her to the prophet, after all he is a prophet”


“Have you prayed about this Laura?” Bimpe asked.

“Pray ke? Which prayer am I meant to pray” Laura stated, losing hope.

“You know, there are a whole lots of false prophets now. You said God gave you his word, why not wait and believe God, we’re praying along with you.” Bimpe admonished scared for her friend that she doesn’t fall in wrong hands.

“Well my own advice is that you follow your mother-in-law and see for yourself, who knows if visiting this prophet is the very work you need to add to your faith.” Evelyn said as she rose up.

“Girls, lunch break is over, we need to get back to work” Bimpe stood up checking her wrist watch. She placed her hands on Laura’s shoulder. “sweetheart, pray about it, then decide okay, it will be fine, let’s trust God.”

Laura walked out of the cafeteria, her mind made up.


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  1. I hope she’s not going to the prophet, better to tell her husband o….

    Women just like all this I don’t want this or that to happen…
    Make she no bear burden alone…

    I have noticed, oftentimes ladies always want to bear the whole burden while shielding their partner and most times, this doesn’t help ….

    Lesson to learn

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