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The house was quiet as usual except for the sound of the fridge humming in the kitchen.

Laura kicked off her shoe as she sat down, she was so tired.

Different thoughts jarred her mind ranging from the events at the village to the discussion at the cafeteria.

She picked up her shoes and placed them on the shoe rack. She needed a shower badly to calm her nerves, probably if it could calm her soul. The sound of her husband’s car entering the garage disrupted the silence.

She entered into the bathroom, then she froze. She was shocked at what she saw. Was that her reflection in the mirror? She asked herself.

How did she end up turning into this frightened being she saw in the reflection? Her hair was terribly unkept, bags had formed under her eyes, even her fair complexion appeared as if it was covered with dross.

Worry and anxiety had turned her into a monster.

She wept as the cold water poured on her. She dried herself quickly and freshened up to meet her husband.

She had had enough, her mind was made up.

Her husband was settled on the sofa playing with the remote, scrolling through the channels.

“Hey babe, Good evening, how was work today?” Laura curtsied as she greeted her husband.

“It was fine” He replied his eyes focused on the television.

“Honey we need to talk. Do we talk now or after dinner?” Laura asked

David sat up straight immediately. “Sweetie, what do we want to talk about? I think we should discuss it now.

I really don’t like the way you are looking, so stressed out. I would prefer it if you can unburden your mind now”

“Alright” Laura said as she sat down on the sofa beside him.

“The day I went to mama’s place from the hospital with provisions for her….”

“Yeah, I remember that day” David cut in.

“She said there was one prophet like that through whom barren women have received children”


“she said I should go with her to see the prophet, in fact she has booked appointment with him already.”

“Really?” David asked perplexed. “so what have you decided? What did you tell her?”

“I want to go with her” Laura dropped the bombshell.”

“Babe are you serious? You want to go with her to visit a prophet we know nothing about?”

“Yes sweetie, I have heard lots of testimonies and good news about the man.”

“My dear, you can’t go to a prophet’s place na. you know that.”

“I’m going to go Honey.” Laura stated, she stood up and was shaking vehemently as if blown by a strong wind.

“The man is a strong prophet. Didn’t you see Mama Bomboy’s set of twins in the village? I was told it was that prophet that prayed for her too.

Are we not all Christians? Is it not just prayer and anointing with holy oil. Come to think of it, it is not a bad idea.

If that is what will cause this thirteen years barrenness to stop then I will go there.”

David watched his wife calmly as she spoke, she must have been pushed to the wall and pressurized badly to speak like this.

“Honey, I understand your pain and pressure, we are in this together, but I want you to remember the prophecy that was given to us last year by daddy G.O.

He said our seed shall be great and mighty and will do exploits for the Lord.

Let’s be patient and trust in God, please don’t go to this prophet by the river.” He tried to reason with her looking into her eyes pleadingly.

“Sweetheart, please now, try to reason with me, the man of God prophesied this prophecy about a year and two months ago, we’ve been waiting on God for more than thirteen years already.

This could be the one thing God wants us to do to receive our miracle” Laura countered, her arms akimbo as she paced up and down in the living room.

“You cannot understand how I feel, I’m close to menopause and I’m growing older daily, age is no longer on my side” she continued pacing up and down in deep thought.

“You don’t even defend me before your mother, do you know what I’ve gone through? Mama always …………”

“Laura stop complaining about mama, she is only concerned…..” David cut in rising up to his feet, his voice a pitch higher.

“Wait! What have I said now? I have not even talked about Mama’s pressure on me or is it because you are not the one carrying the ‘barren barren’ stigma? You feel comfortable.” Laura blurted out shaking vigorously.

“pity me now, this is not even sin. Look at the false positive result situation too, let me go and see this prophet I take that as a sign of hope.”

“I am going with mama ooo after all you are not facing any onslaught from her, you are her son, your whole family is on my neck.” She continued her eyes blazing badly.

“How I wish my parents were still alive or I had siblings to defend me. You always put up with mama’s excesses never defending me.

All you say is it’s gonna be well, I don’t even know if you care anymore” Laura screamed pouring all of her aggression on her husband.

David jerked back a bit and stared at her shocked at the acidic responses he was receiving from his sweet wife.

All of her husband’s admonition fell on deaf ears.

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  1. Hmm……

    I’m beginning to think this is the story of Abraham and Sarah…

    Waiting can sometimes be very challenging especially when others around seem to be moving….

    Grace to wait Lord without fainting….hmmmm☹️

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