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“Hold the elevator!”

Julie Andrews ran across the lobby as fast as she could in high heeled pumps. Once again, she quickly looked herself over and checked out her outfit. She hoped it would fulfill its purpose. The red short gown hugged her figure like a leech trying to drain all the blood from its prey. The neckline was so low it revealed most of her cleavage.

The elevator doors were almost shut when they stopped, they slowly started to move in the reverse. Julie sighed in relief, yes! It was her luck that her plan was not ruined.

“Sorry” A male voice said from inside the elevator. “I couldn’t find the right button to stop the elevator for you in time and………”

The man in the elevator gaped at Julie, his fingers still glued to the elevator button.

“Julie?” He found his voice.

“Hi, David. What a pleasant surprise” she continued as if it was not all planned by mama and herself.

David’s eyes never left her. His head just swiveled as she moved in next to him. He finally removed his finger from the elevator button, letting his hand fall against his thigh with a slap.

“Hey! you look great as always” David complimented as his eyes took her in.

“Not bad yourself, you look dashing” Julie replied, her voice sultry and smooth.

“What are you doing here Julie?” He asked still reeling from the shock of seeing his ex-girlfriend out of the blues in his workplace.

“Oh! I’m here to see a friend of mine. She works here” Julie cut in. “It’s nice running into you here, you know I recently moved here” she continued.

“Really! Well Julie I really need to get to the office now, I have lots of things waiting to be done.

“Okay. Let me have your phone number so I can reach you” she smiled as she pulled out her phone to collect his number.

“Alright then, bye have a nice time with your friend” David said as he hastily walked out of the elevator.

David sighed as he let out his breath. He didn’t even realize that he’d been holding his breath. He entered his office as he picked up the files he needed to work on but could not concentrate.

Thoughts of Julie filled his head, as he began to reminisce on their past.  Julie was his girlfriend on campus, he smiled to himself as he remembered how sweet they used to be on campus. They were together for five years in school till he gave his life to Christ during his final year.

Every one including mama had thought that they would get married and settle down together. All of mama’s plea to marry her then had fallen on deaf ears. She was not born again was his simple reason.

Yes, he loved her with the whole of his heart and their relationship had been awesome and survived trials but he could not marry her. She was an unequal yoke to him, he had admonished her severally to come to Christ like him but she was not done with the ways of the world.

Her attire today to proved that she had not met the Christ of Calvary. Julie was beautiful as always. 



Laura sat on the veranda peeling an orange as she waited for her husband’s return from work. He had been coming home late ever since she had gone to the prophet’s place. Mama was not disturbing her anymore and all attempts to reach her to explain things to her had been abortive.

She relaxed as she let her head fall on the arm chair. Soft music filled the air as they filtered through the speakers in the living room. She closed her eyes as she let the lyrics of Kari Jobe’s song ‘on the throne’ sink in. 


“I will walk through the fire
Walk through the darkest night
I will walk through the flood
I won’t be overcome, I won’t be overcome


I will walk through the trial
Walk through the valley of fear
I will walk through the storm
I won’t be overcome, I won’t be overcome


For the Lord is
He is able, He is faithful
Higher than the mountains that I face
Every season, I will press on
For God alone, is on the throne


I will walk in Your promise
Walk in Your victory
I will walk in Your power
I won’t be overcome, I won’t be overcome


On the throne
Glorious, victorious
Sovereign over all


On the throne
Infinite, magnificent
Reigning over all

You’re in control

You’re reigning”



Her faith, trust and confidence in God was building gradually. She walked into the room and placed the song on repeat as she laid all her troubles at Jesus’s feet.


She stood up as her husband’s car zoomed into the garage. 


“Welcome Honey!” she said as she collected his briefcase from him.

“How was work today?” she continued, opening the door for him to enter. David walked into the living room, sat down and started removing his shoes not even bothering to respond to Laura’s greeting.


“Babe, is anything the matter? Did anything happen at the office today?” she probed further unsure of what to do or what had caused the foul mood.


David stood up, untied his tie and started walking to the bedroom. How could she not know what she did? He thought to himself as he entered the bedroom.

 “Sweetheart” Laura called, completely perplexed at his behavior.

“Your bathing water is ready, food is also ready. Which of them would you prefer to do first?” A big hopeful smile pasted on her face.

David snubbed her, saying nothing.

Frustrated and exhausted she went back to the living room to seat.

Since the day she went to the prophet’s place, David had been acting strange. First, he claimed she had no respect for him that she went to see the prophet despite his non-agreement on the issue.

Two, she was not seeing eye to eye with mama, she was always complaining about mama. In fact, today he had stormed out of the house without having the regular quiet time they used to have together.


She had pleaded with him severally but he wouldn’t see eye to eye with her. He was very bitter with her, her words had pierced his heart. Yes! She knew and had pleaded but he wouldn’t listen.

She sighed in exasperation as she looked at the untouched food.



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