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David walked briskly as he approached Chief Adeojo’s close. His boss had called him from his house to go get an important document from the office and bring it to his house.

The lovely sight of two children playing stopped him on his tracks. He stood watching them for a long time. The childlessness was already getting at him.

He walked to the front of his boss gate and knocked. The gate-man opened the door and he entered.  His boss sat happily with a young boy challenging each other to a game of scrabble on the veranda.

“Good Morning Sir” David called out greeting his boss.

“Morning, Mr. Adams. I’m so sorry I had to bring you out of your house this Saturday morning.” He smiled. “The document was highly confidential, you were the only trustworthy person that came to mind that I could send. Thank you very much.”

“No problem sir” David replied handing over the files to his boss.

“This is my son Oluwatosin George.” His boss continued, patting his son at the back.

“Children of this days are much more wiser than us now!” Mr. George exclaimed. “imagine this twelve year old boy beating me at every game we play” He continued as he laughed.

“Yes sir” David replied smiling sadly.

“Don’t let me hold you back, let me release you to go enjoy the weekend with your wife and kids. Thank you for coming.” He extended his hand as he shook David.

David sighed loudly to himself as he exited the house. His marriage was already thirteen years. The boy was the exact age his child would have been, if they had had any children.

He envied the smile and look of contentment on his boss’s face as he played with his son.

He didn’t even know what to do. He was angry with Laura for going to the prophet, he understood her plight but the bitterness against her refused to thaw.

The whole situation was beginning to get at him.

Was he going to die childless with no child to carry on his name?

He was almost home. His stomach growled from hunger, he had just punished himself in vain.

His thoughts strayed to Julia. She looked more beautiful and appealing to him than Laura. Just as he was thinking about Julie, his peripheral vision caught a glimpse of a figure that looked like her walking from the adjacent street towards him.

“Hey! David” a voice that sounded like Julie called out.

David turned, and there she was standing like the goddess Hera herself. She appeared even more beautiful than when he saw her last.

“Wow!” You look beautiful, he smiled as he complimented her.

“Really?” Julie asked, turning around in a full circle for him to see her.

“You know you are, Julie. You’ve always been beautiful.” David replied. “Where were you heading to?” He asked, looking around.

“Ohhhhh!” I was just strolling around and then voila! I saw you” she said smiling brightly. “in fact seeing you as made my day.”

David looked on puzzled, he was just thinking about her and she appeared from God knows where. His stomach growled again reminding him that he was hungry.

“Is it your stomach that is growling like that?”  Julie asked looking down at his tummy. “You even look so tired and stressed. She continued, looking at his face intently.

“My house is just up ahead, at that bend. Allow me treat you to a sumptuous meal today. You look famished. Would your wife mind?” she asked, her eyes filling with care.

“My house is also close by” David replied as he pointed ahead. “My wife must have prepared food for me already.”

“Come on David, we are not strangers. Stop treating me like one.” She jabbed him on his ribs playfully. “Luckily I prepared your favorite dish today. I think God is on my side today.” She winked at him as she dragged him to her apartment.


Content, full and satisfied David sat relaxed in one of the comfortable armchairs in Julie’s apartment. His thoughts in disarray.

“You look more like yourself now.” Julie said, laughing as she cleared the plates from the dining table. “Give me some minutes let me change my clothes.

David nodded, wondering why she had to change her clothes. He sat unhurried trying to surf the internet with his mobile phone.

Then she appeared, looking so sexy revealing flesh that should be seen by one’s spouse alone.

She sat on the opposite sofa smiling gleefully. David swallowed severally as he stared at her.

“What troubled you earlier making you look so gloomy?” Julie asked, interrupting his thoughts.

“The troubles of life my dear” David replied entranced by her eyes.

“Share with me joor” She said laughing. “Seriously David, you’re treating me like a stranger. You’re making me angry sef” Julie continued feigning deep sadness.

“Julie. I’m just frustrated. I’ve been married for thirteen years with no single child to show for it.” He said sadly.

“Not even one pregnancy yet the doctors say nothing is wrong with my wife and I.” David continued tears spilling from his face as he revealed his innermost emotions.

“Come on David, it’s gonna be fine, it’s gonna be better.” Julie said as she stood up and moved to the seat he was seating.

“I know it’s hard but it will soon be over, God will give you a child.” She hugged him as she comforted him. He looked so vulnerable in her arms as he sobbed like a child.

The effect of the charm Julie put in the food was working already. He gazed into her eyes lovingly as he held her tightly. “Thank you Julie for everything” David said as he took her hands in his.



Laura stood in the living room pacing up and down. Where did David go? Why was his cell phone off? Did anything bad happen to him? She asked no one in particular as she paced up and down.

 Mama had said he was not with her. His friends also said he never came to their place. All efforts to contact him proved abortive. Worry was eating her up. Was she meant to go to church without him?

Dread coiled like an asp in her belly as she picked her clutch purse and went to church.



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