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For the first time in days the weather actually went along with Laura’s mood. No wonder the day looked this way from dawn. She had broken two plates this morning while washing them.

It had shone briefly during the service but all of a sudden the weather turned gloomy again.
The weather itself seemed to empathize with her, even the raindrops that were falling mimicked the tears rolling down her cheeks.

Why did David do this to her? Why did he decide to pour pepper into her open sore? She had pleaded with him to forgive her for going to the prophet’s place or what did she even do to warrant this?

“God I really can’t take any of these trials anymore” She mumbled as the tears kept spilling out.

She looked out the window of Adebimpe’s house watching the rain fall.

“Laura!” Adebimpe’s soft voice called out from behind her jarring her back to the present. “It’s going to be okay. Okay?”

“I don’t think so, it has never been okay from the start. I’ve been running into one challenge to the other.” Laura whispered back.

“Really I don’t think so Bimpe.” She replied, her body was weak. She had no energy to even eat her food.

“Please don’t kill yourself, at least put something in your stomach. You need to eat.” A concerned Bimpe warned her friend.

“I don’t have the appetite to eat, I’ll take the smoothie in your fridge” Laura answered, braving a sad smile.

Adebimpe simply wrapped her arms around her giving her the support she needed.

“I’ll keep praying for you Laura, I believe it will be well. Try not to think, eat then sleep.” She said as she squeezed her friend’s hand.

The beautiful morning with rays of glittering sunlight did nothing to improve Laura’s mood nor lift her spirit. She lay in bed wrapped in a duvet, looking like death itself.

Her high cheekbones were sunken, her once bright eyes were now looking dark and empty filled with despair. The dark circles underneath her eyes were a sorry sight to behold.

Adebimpe sat on the stool watching Laura, this was the end of the second week already yet Laura was not getting better, she sank deeply daily in depression. She was so deep in thoughts that she was oblivious to her environment.

David had come to plead with her severally but the hurt simply went deep. The bitterness in her heart simply won’t go.

“Laura” Bimpe called gently as she swallowed trying to get the right words to say. Laura turned and faced her friend giving her a look that meant ‘please leave me alone.’

“It is… don’t you…” Bimpe’s voice trailed off, she was unsure of how Laura would take what she wanted to say.

“You know I’ve been praying for you, I know I have no right to interfere in your personal life but it is high time you come out of this.” She sighed deeply as she continued.

“You’re hurting yourself more, you’re the one suffering more by allowing bitterness and resentment to eat you up. Please forgive David and fight for your home. Forgive him, repent, join hands together and pursue the enemy out of your home.” She looked at Laura pleadingly.

“Your husband has been coming here everyday to ask for forgiveness. Why don’t you give him a chance again?”

Laura rolled her eyes and said nothing. The silence was unsettling as she rested her head on the pillow. Adebimpe closed the door and went out just the way she came in.

Laura’s throat felt hot and dry as a verse of scripture flashed across her mind.

Get rid of all bitterness, rage and anger, brawling and slander, along with every form of malice. Be kind and compassionate to one another, forgiving each other just as Christ God forgave you.

“God, this is so hard for me to do. David hurt me deeply” she sniffed
“It’s so hard I am hurt God.”

Bear with each other and forgive one another if any of you has a grievance against someone, forgive as the Lord forgave you.

“Lord! Give me the strength to forgive him.” She cried as she held her heart.

Daughter, my strength is made perfect in your weaknesses. You are strengthened already, just forgive.

“I’m sorry God. I’m sorry I allowed bitterness to fill my heart, even though it pains, I choose to forgive David. I forgive him God!” she screamed as the hurt and pain dissipated.

“I forgive you David” Laura repeated again as she released the breath she was holding.

“Father, I choose to cast my cares on you over and over again. I give you my life and family, take charge over us, do not let the enemy triumph over us. Give me the grace to trust you daily, I don’t want to ever let go of your hand.

Help me God.” Laura prayed, pouring out her heart to God as peace flowed into her soul.

Julie Andrew smiled gaily as she took the elevator to David’s office. She shook her legs impatiently as she waited for David’s secretary to usher her in to his office.

David’s face registered shock as he saw her. His secretary had told him that someone important was here to see him to give him an important and urgent news.

He had thought that it was one of the higher-ups in the company that wanted to give him classified news about the deals they made last week.

“You’re looking sweet this morning handsome” Julie said staring at him. “Won’t you even offer me a seat?” she asked as she sat down parting her lips.

“Juliana, what are you doing here? I believe I made my decision clear the last time I saw you. What do you want?” David bellowed, pacing angrily.

Julie clapped her hands into David’s face and started laughing.
“Mr. Man, it is not that easy. You think you can just sleep with me and dump me, just like that. It is not possible!” she spat.

“Well, I don’t want to keep your other clients waiting, so I’ll just tell you what I came here for. I would have left you and your family alone since its obvious you don’t love me but I’ve got something you desperately want.” She continued, eyeing him.

“Julie, stop speaking in parables and just go straight to the point.” David cut in looking at his wrist watch.

“Well, I am pregnant.” Julie stated, smiling happily.
All the air escaped from David’s lungs as he knees bucked under him. His heart beat faster as he could not comprehend what she said.

“Julie” He called, holding his head with his hands. “What did you say? Are you serious? Preg……. What?”

“Do you think I am here to joke with you?” Julie replied angrily, taking vengeance on the gum in her mouth as she started chewing furiously.

“No! you can’t be serious, Julie, no you can’t be pregnant.” David stated in disbelief. “it was just one night and…..” He paused in deep thought. “in all my thirteen years of marriage Laura had never been pregnant, not even once and you come strolling here saying you are pregnant. I slept with you just once Julie.”

“Stay there” Julie smirked, mocking him. “You think sleeping with me just once is not enough for your seed to be sown in me.

I knew things were going to be like this that was why I brought pregnancy results from three different hospitals.” She fumbled through her bag looking for the results. “Yes! Check through them Mr. David.” She said excitedly.

David sighed angrily as he collected the result from her, he checked through it thoroughly and confirmed that what she was saying was true.

“Well, I just said the father of the child I’m carrying should at least know that I am pregnant.” Julie said as she stood up and went out without a backward glance.

David stood up, unsure of what to do the emotions coursing through him were both sweet and bitter.

He was a father but what would he tell Laura? How would Laura take this? She had just forgiven him and wanted to move back into the house today.

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