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The breeze blew softly as Laura Adams strolled through Adebimpe’s garden. Her bags were packed already to go back home.

She sang softly as she walked around admiring the beautiful flowers in the garden.

“I’m so sorry I put you through all these things darling” David voice boomed behind her.

He had rushed from work to Adebimpe’s house to tell Laura personally about the situation of things at the moment before Julie meets her.

Startled, she turned to look at him. What was he saying again? She cast a curtly glance at him noting the sad countenance on his face.

“Did anything happen again?” she asked.

“Come let’s sit down over there” David replied pointing to a seat on Bimpe’s balcony.

Beads of sweat covered his face as his heart pounded. How would Laura take this news now? He thought to himself as he sighed.

“Julie is pregnant” He muttered loudly.

“Pregnant?…” Laura asked, her eyeballs as wide as saucers.

“Pregnant!” she exclaimed as it sunk in. Her pulse jangled in her ears like a tambourine as she clenched the seat tightly with her hands.

Her shoulders drooped as she took in deep breaths to calm her already raging nerves. So her name was Julie she sighed as she thought to herself.

“It is going to be fine, we will face this together” she stated firmly after some moments of thought. “It would be fine” she said to herself as she sat motionless staring at nothing.

“Don’t worry Honey, I’m going to be fine. You can go back to work now. I have packed my things, I can go back home on my own.” She continued smiling sadly.

“Thank you babe. I am really sorry.” David said looking extremely sad and confused as he rushed back to his workplace.


The house looked the same just as she left it. Laura slotted in her favorite CD into the stereo, dropped her bags in the masters bedroom and began to arrange her things.

Strangely, instead of being sad and sorrowful about the event in the morning she felt peaceful.

She waltzed and sang with joy in her heart as she moved to the kitchen to prepare her husband’s favorite dish.

At least she was going to be a mother in a way, a mother to her husband’s child. Maybe this was the miracle God promised them? But why was Julie able to get pregnant just after one night with her husband she thought to herself as she picked bones out of the fish she wanted to cook.

The doctor had said that her husband and herself were medically okay and fit to have children but even after trying all these years why had she not been pregnant but Julie was after just a night she pondered.

Well it doesn’t matter anymore she said to herself sternly, all that matters now is the joy that the family was going to receive a bundle of joy soonest.

A knock on the door stopped Laura from over-analyzing the thoughts flowing into her mind. She rushed to the bedroom and sprayed some perfume on her body as she rushed to open the door.

The smile on her face faded away the moment her eyes met with mama, she was expecting her husband and had thought that he was the one at the door.

She wanted to cheer him up and make him feel less stressed about everything surrounding their family.

“Mama! Welcome, good evening” Laura greeted as she curtseyed. She tried to collect mama’s bag to bring it into the house.

“Keep your welcome to yourself” Mama shouted, “What is good about the evening?” she continued as she pushed her to one side as she made her way into the living room.

Laura regained her balance quickly as her head barely missed being hit with the door knob as mama pushed her.

She knelt down to greet and apologize to mama when her eyes met with a beautiful but somewhat familiar face.


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