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“Honey! Honey!” David called out to her as he lifted from the ground.

“Doctor, what happened? What is the wrong with her?” David asked as the doctor checked her pulse.

The doctor ignored his questions as he and the nurses worked to revive Laura. When she finally opened her eyes, the doctor assigned her to a ward and told her to rest.

“Mr. Matthews, I need your wife to carry out these tests” the doctor said, handing over a sheet of paper with some things scribbled on it.

“Okay sir” David replied as he went out of the ward. Almost immediately, he came back inside the ward and asked the Doctor privately.

“Doctor, I don’t understand something here, why did Julie have an early delivery?”

“Early delivery?” the Doctor asked looking at David as if there were two heads sitting on his neck.

“Yes Doctor, she’s meant to be due next month and …..”

“I think you’re getting it wrong here Mr. Mathew, your baby is a healthy baby, he spent approximately nine months and ten days in the womb so he is not early?”

“What!” David exclaimed trying to gather his thoughts together.

“You mean this baby is not early?” he asked again, running his hands through his hair. The doctor stood calmly watching him gently.

“What is the problem Mr. Mathew?” the doctor asked.

“Sir, if this baby spent about nine months in the womb like you say, then the baby is not mine.” David stated as he paced up and down the length of the hospital corridor. What exactly was happening here? He asked himself as he sat down on the hospital bench.

“Mr. Mathew, try to calm down and re-access the situation.” The doctor said as he sat down beside him.

“Doctor, I slept with this lady just once and that was exactly eight months and three days ago.” He said as his voice broke. David brought out his phone as he showed the doctor the calendar app on his phone where he had marked the date.

“It was the worst day of my life so I couldn’t have forgotten the date.”

“Don’t worry, we are going to conduct a DNA analysis and a paternity test for yourself and the child. So we’ll know if the child is yours or not.” The Doctor replied tapping him on the shoulder.

“For now, carry out this series of test for yourself, the child and your wife Laura.”

“Eeeehh! See my bomboy looking so handsome” Mama smiled happily, looking so contented as she fawned over the baby.

“My dear, you need to finish that pepper soup then drink that hot pap so you’ll be able to express milk well.” She smiled again as she looked at Julie. “You’ve made me a grand-mother to David’s children. Chai! I thought my eyes will never see this day” mama said as tears started forming in her eyes.

“Mama we thank ……” Julie was saying when David walked into the hospital ward with the Doctor at his heels.

“Juliana Andrews, how could you do this to me? What crime exactly did I commit that pushed you to do this to me?”

Mama looked from David to Julie to the Doctor confused at what was going on.

“What is happening again bayiii Davidi? See leave all issues behind and come and look at your handsome son.” Mama admonished.

“Julie? Julie?…..”

“David why are you calling my name like that na. What did I do to you?” Julie exploded looking at him defiantly.

“Are you trying to say that this child is mine?” David queried.

Julie froze, then adjusted quickly as mama dropped the baby in the bassinet.

“Wait oooo, Mr. man, shey craze no dey worry you? No be me and you do the thing, I send you? This baby is yours na.” Julie stated vehemently with mama nodding her head in approval.

“I’m sorry to cut in here” the doctor said as he took a seat. “please let everyone calm down. Miss Andrews, this man here as the right to the truth, you can’t just put someone else’s child and responsibility on him and……”

“Doctor, what are you talking about? I said….” Julie cut short the doctor as she eyed him.

“Julie, wait let the doctor talk first” mama intervened.

“Thank you mama” the doctor continued. “Well medically, we have conducted a DNA test and other tests which shows that Mr. David Adams is not the father of this child.”

“yeeeeeeeeeee! Doctor is what you’re saying true?” mama asked as she held the doctors hand.

“I’m sorry it is true.” The doctor stated as he walked out.

“Juliana!” mama screamed as she faced Julie. Julie sat on the bed coiled into a ball like a frightened earthworm. She sat shaking vigorously. “Aaaaah! Juliana, after all I did for you.”

“Mama, this is an hospital let’s not do this here” David said as he pulled his mother out of the ward.

Laura was awake when David and Mama walked into her ward.

“Hey Honey!” David smiled as he helped his wife sit up. “how do you feel now?

“I feel great, I don’t know why I fainted” Laura replied as mama watched her. “What did the doctor say?”

“Hmmmmmm!” David smiled again playing with her fingers.

“Talk na, this one that you’re smiling like this Papa Bomboy” she laughed as she jabbed him playfully at his ribs.

“How’s Julie? Is she settling down fine?” she asked looking at mama but mama only looked away.

“Wait sef, before you tell me what the doctor said, let me go and see our newest family member.” Laura said as she made to stand up but her husband gently pushed her back to the bed.

“You need to rest and relax more.” David said.

“Don’t worry love, I’m feeling great now, I really don’t understand what happened”

“Well, the doctor said that you are six-weeks pregnant.” David stated, his eyes beaming with joy. The look on Laura’s face was priceless as she stared at David with her mouth hung open.

“I don’t really understand what you are saying?” Laura continued, looking confused.

“You are going to be a mother, we’re going to be parents” David affirmed, nodding his head.

As if on impulse, mama sprinted to where they were sitted.

“David, what did I hear you say now? Is it true? Is Laura really pregnant?” mama asked the questions in one breath without even waiting for David to respond.

“Yes mama, God has finally answered our prayers” David said looking at his mother wearily.

“Are you sure this is real and not a false positive?” Laura asked, her forehead furrowed with concern.”

“The test reveals that you’re pregnant Honey. Don’t doubt or worry, it’s gonna be fine.” David explained as he tried to calm her down.

“My daughter, I am sorry” Mama started crying as she moved closer to Laura. “I’m sorry for everything I’ve said and done to you, please find a place in your heart to forgive me.”

“Mama, there is no problem, I have forgiven you a long time ago.” Laura said as she hugged mama.

“No, you don’t understand the depth of what I’ve done to you.” Mama continued as the tears kept flowing. “I arranged with Julie to sleep with your husband to give me a grandchild by giving her a charm.”

“What!” David exclaimed, cutting his mother short.

“Mother, how could you? How could you do this to me? You wanted to destroy my family?” he continued as he held his head with his palm. “Why mama? Why did you do this to us?” he said as he grabbed his mother’s shoulders.

“I’m sorry” mama wept.

“David, it’s okay” Laura said as she stood up from the bed and tried to free mama from her husband’s grasp.

“I never knew Julie will turn her back on me” she shook as her shoulders heaved from her constant sobbing.

“she wanted you to father another man’s son.”

“I don’t understand again, somebody should please explain to me.” Laura asked feeling so frustrated. “What happened to the baby, is everything okay with him?”

“My daughter, the baby is not David’s, Juliana was pregnant before she met with your husband.” Mama sniffed. “She really outsmarted me.”

Laura froze as a wave of nausea swept through her body. She ran to the sink as she threw up the little food she had managed to eat that morning. Mama was at her heels gathering her hair and doting on her like a priceless princess.

How could this have happened? She asked herself, was God playing a joke on them. After all she had to bear in Julie’s and mama’s hands the baby was not her husband’s.

“Babe, do you feel good now?” her husband’s voice jolted her back to the present.

“Yes I am fine, I feel better now.” Laura replied.

“Pele my dear, that’s how the early stage is.” Mama was explaining. “At the first trimester you will experience a lot of things.”

Laura just looked at her as she spoke, now that she was pregnant Mama’s care and concern was now evident.

“Where is Julie now?” Laura asked her husband. “I’ll like to see her”

As she stood up to leave, an orderly ran into the hospital ward.

“Oga and madam, the lady in ward 4b has disappeared with the baby, we’ve searched for her everywhere and can’t find her.”

Eight months later.

“Mama it’s so hard, I can’t breathe properly” Laura screamed.

“My daughter keep going, you will be fine. Just imitate me ok, breathe 1, 2,3.” Mama patted Laura’s back. “keep breathing like that, you’re doing good, the contractions are just few minutes apart now.”

Laura clutched David’s hand tightly as if she was on the brink of sinking and he was her life line.

Colour drained from David’s face as she held his hand tightly, he just didn’t know how much more he could take.

“The baby is coming I can feel the head” Laura shouted, increasing the pressure on David’s hand.

“You can start pushing now” the mid-wife said to Laura.

In a short moment, the cries of a baby filled the hospital ward.

“Congratulations! Mr. Adams” the midwife said as she turned to David and mama. “You have a beautiful baby girl.

“Laura you have done well, but you need to push more.” The doctor said to Laura as he halted their jubilation.

“There is still another baby in your womb which the ultrasound didn’t see.”

“Wow! This God is great” mama exclaimed.

Soon the cries of another baby was heard in the hall as a male child came to the world.

“Oluwa ti se nla” mama burst out singing and dancing for Joy.

“Aaaaaaah! Laura, I believe this your Jesus now, eehhhhhnnnn, I’m going to follow this your God now.” She placed her hands on her waist as she resumed dancing. “Not even one, two, twins.” She screamed, elated as she started dancing again.

David wheeled Laura out of the delivery room into another ward with mama and a nurse carrying each twin.

As Laura was about settling in to rest, the door opened.

Julie walked into the room carrying a baby on her back. David, mama and Laura watched her with eyes opened wide as she came closer.

“I’m very sorry for what I did to everyone here” Julie said as she knelt down. “Especially to you Laura.” She spoke on as she looked at Laura with tears streaming down her face.

“I thought about it for a long time, I just couldn’t understand the love and patience you showed me despite all I did to you.” She continued as they all watched her.

“Even after you knew that this baby is not your husband’s baby, after I ran away from the hospital you still searched for me and gave me money to raise up the child and take care of myself.

Despite all you did, I never apologized to you, I was still rude to you. I really wanted to eliminate you and take your place in your home and David’s heart.”

“I’m sorry for trying to ruin your home.” She turned to David. “I’m sorry for using charms on you and forcing you to sleep with me.”

“Please can you find a place in your heart to forgive me?” she looked from Laura to David.

“Please stand up” Laura stood up and tried to lift her from the floor.

“I have forgiven you a long time ago”

“Please would you pray for me? I thought for a long time and studied you. I discovered that your Christianity is different, you were able to love me despite all I did to you. It is not easy for any human to be like that. I want to be that type of Christian too, I want your own Jesus.” Julie asked with pleading eyes.

“Yes my daughter” Mama joined Julie, I want your Jesus too, the Jesus that did this miracle after all this long years.”

David and Laura Adams looked at Julie and mama with their mouths agape.

“Ehhhhmm, ehhhhhm……” Laura coughed, the words stuck in her mouth. God was truly awesome. She sighed as tears began to roll down her face.

She had disappointed God many times yet God was still willing to use her broken life to draw others to himself.

“Laura you’re not saying anything” Julie called out.

“Please introduced him to us” mama joined her with utmost seriousness.

Laura focused back on the present as Mama’s voice brought her out of her reverie. Who could have believed it? Who could have known that Julie was watching her life?

Who could have imagined that through her, an imperfect Christian that mama and Julie would want to know Jesus?

Laura knelt down with them on the hospital floor with her husband David and led them to the Lord. Happiness mingled with joy shone on their faces when they were done praying.

“Congratulations!” Julie said with a huge smile on her face.

“Congratulations to the latest parents in town.”

“Truly, God is good!” mama exclaimed.

“Yes, he is forever faithful, even when it seems like he has forgotten his own he never does. His timing is always perfect, his ways right and past finding out.” Laura praised God as she held her son and daughter in her hands.

“Baba we are so grateful” David added as they began singing and dancing again.

“Surely, God never forgets his children.”

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