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Written by Fruitful E. John.

Edward looked up and there she was, dressed gorgeously in a red tube dinner gown, her blonde hair flying freely as the cool breeze of the garden blew. He had asked her out on Sunday, after the service. They had agreed to meet at Omega Garden by 5:00PM today. For Melissa, it was a dream come true, her crush whom she admired greatly had finally deemed it fit to ask her out.

“Hello” she said, her lips spreading wide enough to reveal the gap between her two front teeth. Somehow she hoped Edward would comment on her beauty but he didn’t. He simply welcomed her and ordered for their meals. They ate in silence except for the occasional smiles when she caught his gaze. His eyes travelled through her face every second of the meal, observing intently every detail. Melissa could only wonder what he was up to.

img_20190120_135548-214575070 MELISSA: MAKE-UP

The wind blew slightly and the flowers danced to its rhythm. Melissa packed her hair rightward to prevent it from been ruffled by the wind. By now the meals were done with and Melissa’s mind raced with thoughts of what the rest of the evening would bring.

“I’m sorry its such a boring place” he said cutting the silence.

“Not at all. I love the serenity” She replied. They warmed up into a conversation and by 6:30PM they were on their way home.

After leaving Edward, Melissa climbed the stairs to her room with conflicting emotions. Was this a date? “Yes it was” she told herself. “No it wasn’t” she reconsidered. Their conversation had been more serious than she imagined. Her bed gave her solace as she sat resting her back on the wall, holding tightly to the pillow the whole scene played back in her head. The pictures came crystal clear as though it was just happening. From the part he asked her how much her make up kit costed to the point where he asked her if her beauty depended on it. Then to the part that hit her hard. She could almost hear his voice again.

“I’m amazed at how much you spend on your looks just to imitate a celebrity that has a life of her own. If I could get the exact amount you claim to spend on fashion every week? I’ll invest it in the life of an ex-convict who needs money to start life afresh. A number of them are out there, tempted to go back to crime because of the untold hardship. That amount can help feed a low class family in a week Melissa. It could even cater for the school needs of a girl struggling through school”

She could almost see his passion in her head. How he moved his hands and the seriousness in his voice. She remembered how she had just stared at the table as the words pierced through her tender heart.

“Melissa, I know you want to look beautiful and appreciated. I love that too. But you can do that without extravagance. Besides, beyond your physical beauty is your life and destiny. Melissa, when you die now, your beauty dies with you, but the good you have done will live. Just look at the hardship in the world. Should you and I close our eyes to it? That will be so inhumane”

The tears formed again just like they had in the garden. No one had ever talked to her in such manner. She had never seen the world in that perspective before. She’s not to be blamed. She grew up with a silver spoon in her mouth. His voice continued to echo as she dug her face into the pillow.

“Find your place Melissa. Find it!”

“How?” She had mumbled softly while the tears flowed.

“By finding God. Look, I know you come to church and all. But what I’m talking about is different from that. To see the world from a new perspective you need a new life. It is only God that can tell you why he created you. Believe me, you were not meant to just live, eat, drink and die. Find God Melissa, then you can find purpose”

She had cried her eyes out as Edward held her two hands in prayers. Now that she thought about it, the tears rushed out again, this time the pillow was there to mop them off.

©Fruitful-writes 2019

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