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Written by Fruitful E. John.

The men shook inwardly as she passed by. Her high heeled shoes carried her elegantly revealing the ropes twisted around her legs. In a tightly fitted sleeveless green gown that matched her complexion, every step she took revealed the contour of her figure. The cross on her necklace moved back and forth drawing more attention to her already revealed cleavages.

“Lord have mercy” Edward, the usher at the main entrance muttered, his eyes blinking at every of her step. He managed to swallow hard as she walked passed him, her shoulder almost brushing his.

Her Cologne filled the air as she made her way to the front. Quite a number of people looked her way. The Sunday school teacher skipped a breath as he caught a glimpse of her. Few like Mrs Anabel stared with disgust.

Jarvis tried his best not to shake as she sat beside him. Her gown jumped up and the slit revealed her light skinned thigh. He adjusted his trouser, biting his lower lip at intervals.

As soon as Pastor Jones mounted the pulpit for the Sunday school summary, he cracked a joke to get back the attention of his congregation. The rest of the service went smoothly. The choir rendition was excellent and the sermon was quite interesting.

“Gush! You’re the most sexiest thing I’ve ever seen in church” Jarvis said, almost immediately after the grace was said.

“Excuse me. Did you just call me a thing?”

“Oh! I’m sorry but you’re damn sexy”

“Thank you” she replied with a smile.

“Can I have your contact?”

“Not so fast. You didn’t even introduce yourself”

“I must have been so caught up with your exceptional beauty. I’m Jarvis, Mrs Anabel’s grandson”

“Wow! How come I’ve never seen you around here? For the records, I’m Melissa”

“I’m not a church freak you know. Its actually my first time here”

Mrs. Anabel approached from behind as they exchanged contacts. “You’ll hear from me” Jarvis said and walked off.

“You must feel so fulfilled having a number of guys stare at you through out the service?” Mrs Anabel asked, her look much weightier than her words.

“Do you by any means think something is wrong with my outfit ma’am?”

“But for His mercies you should have dropped down dead disrupting the service”

“I’m sorry ma’am but how is this my fault?”

“Do you mean to say someone dressed you up the way you did?” She asked and paused, restricting herself from speaking any further. Melissa stood speechless waiting for her next words. Then she said calmly “I quite appreciate beauty Melissa, if only you could be more decent. I believe your life will bring more honour to God if you could dress more decently to His presence” She ended, patted her back and walked away.

Melissa stood, her eyes travelling through her own body as if ruminating on the words she had just heard. She almost froze when she realized her crush was standing right in front of her, his hands cutely fitting into his trouser’s pocket.

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