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The Hymn Challenge


Day 3



Oluwaseyi Suulola.

Have you ever felt so lost and afraid about the decisions you’ve made in the past?

Have you ever imagined them trailing you and catching up with you to haunt you?

Well I have!

I have made a lot of those types of decisions this year.

Decisions that I know will have huge consequences over my life’s direction.

I am not so sure if the consequences will be overwhelmingly positive or outright disastrous.

While I’m still unsure if some of the decisions were right or wrong, I can only express my heart cry to the only one who truly knows the entire spectrum of time.


I don’t know if this is a traditional hymn but I learnt it as a hymn and since then i’ve sung it always, with vigour.

This hymn expresses my vulnerability.

It sums up my fear and yet, it has a way of comforting me that He (God) has got me in his hands and he is able to keep me to the very end.

Here’s the hymn.

Hello Jesus, I am here
I have fought so many times, my hands have failed me
Take me back to the cross I found, where my since were forgiven
Life and peace are with you to take control oh
Over meee

There’s a battle inside of me
Satan is pulling right at me
If you let him, he will get me
There’s a battle inside of me
Satan is pulling hard at me
Please win Lord Jesus, I know you can


Have hymns ministered to your soul before?

Do you have testimonies you’ve gotten through hymns?

Are you interested in lifting a soul up through your testimonies and edifying believers?

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