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The Hymn Challenge

GOD: My Help

Written by Sijuade Samuel

Day 4

‘O God our help’ is a hymn that reverberates in my soul. To me, the hymn is like water that revives the fainting in a scorching sun.

I can remember days when I wake up with weakness in the body, and not much strength to exercise in the spiritual realm, then the Spirit of God brings this hymn like a fleece in the wind; and believe me, I gain more strength.

The hymn written in 1719 by Isaac Watt of renown, draws its inspiration from the 90th chapter of the book of Psalms. The chapter explains the eternality of God against the transient nature of man.

It went further to highlight the travails a man experience through the course of a lifetime. Therefore, the Psalmist asked for wisdom to put into judicious this short and passing moment.

Finally, the Psalmist asked that God should satisfy us early with His mercy, since the life of a man is short and full of travails. This he asked so that we may have cause to rejoice, a reason to be glad even when life present her odds.

In conclusion, it is only in God that we find help to lead a fulfilling life.


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