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She shivered with fear as two hands covered her eyes firmly from behind. Beaten with hunger, she had hurried back from church, forgetting to lock the main entrance as she dashed into the kitchen.

After a sumptuous meal of noodles and egg, she had settled down to watch a movie on her phone not remembering to lock the door still.

A nice but familiar smell graced her nose from the hands. She smiled, realizing who it was. She held the two hands, struggling to remove them. He bursted out laughing and she joined him. It was Jarvis.

“You met everybody after service, except me.” He said, pretending to be annoyed.

“I’m sorry I couldn’t. I was terribly hungry.” she replied, offering him a seat.

“But you still had time to see those girls?” He asked, settling down on the arm of her chair his right hand finding solace on her right shoulder.

“Like seriously, you saw me?”

He nodded. “What’s up with you and those girls anyways?”

“Yeah, for some reasons I couldn’t take my mind off them after sighting them in church, I felt I needed to caution them on their dresses.”

“Which you did?”

“Yes. You won’t believe it. They were surprised and asked if I could mentor them.”

“Looks like you’re gradually becoming another Mrs. Annabel.” he teased, his hand playing with her ear. She noticed it. She stood up to offer him water, using the opportunity to sit on another chair. He smiled, taking a sip of the water.

“I guess this would be our first meeting after you said yes?”

“That’s not true. Have you forgotten so soon we were at the cinema on Friday? I haven’t forgiven you for making me miss that prayer meeting.”

“Perhaps you’ll forgive me after now.” He said softly with his eyes firmly glued to hers. He stood up, his hands fitting into his pockets.”Talking about today being our first meeting? I meant it would be my first time in here. The other time I didn’t get a chance to come in.”

“That’s true.” she nodded, wondering what he was up to.

He took two steps forward, his eyes firmly focused on hers. She blinked, his gaze becoming unusual and uncomfortable for her. He moved over, squeezing himself beside her. She shifted trying to create a little space. He smiled.

“Don’t be scared Melissa, I know your faith is against premarital sex.”

Melissa nodded in affirmation. His right hand travelled through the strands of her hair and then to her back. Simultaneously, his left hand moved slowly along her thighs. She looked helpless staring into his eyes, her heartbeat increasing gradually.

“Stop!” She said, holding his right hand as it approached her shoulder again.

“What is it?” He asked leaning forward with protruding lips. She turned her face away staring at the floor.

“Are you scared? Believe me, it won’t go beyond this. I respect your belief.” his calm and soft voice whispered into her ears sending a pleasant sensation across her body.

“You should respect my body too.” she said rising to her feet. She must have feared his irresistible touch.

“What’s wrong with you Melissa, we are not babies. We are engaged to be married. Why can’t we do this?”

“We can’t do this because we can’t. Its lust Jarvis and its defilement. Marriage is honorable in all and the bed undefiled. I’m sure you’ve heard that scripture before.”

“Yes! And I keep telling you, we are not going to have sex. Its just a play would-be couples play.”

“Play you call it? Well, I call it fire play. Can a man put fire in his bosom and not be burnt?”

“Enough!” He said, raising a hand. He was obviously tired of her attitude. Standing up with a stern look, he adjusted his collar and walked out.

“What are you doing Melissa? This man is totally out of place for you, can’t you see?” Edward asked with concern after she had explained her ordeal to him. His call had came in few minutes after Jarvis left.

“There’s no going back on this relationship Edward. I’m not getting any younger. I can tell he loves me. I’m sure he just needs time to come to terms with my beliefs. All I need now is your advice on how to prevent this in the future.”

“You think so?. Well, my suggestion would be that you register with the church marriage committee or a Christian marriage counsellor. That way, your relationship would be accountable to someone. It will help both of you to be conscious. Also, I think you should avoid meeting in secluded places, if you must do then make sure there’s a third party.”

“Hmmm… I’ll see to that Edward. Thanks for always been there.”

Her mind raced back as she ended the call. This was not the first occurrence. He had rough handled her burst while they kissed at the cinema two days ago. She had been totally helpless and had given in. Now that she thought about it, she had not even asked God for forgiveness.

First, for missing prayer meeting for such frivolity and secondly for defiling the Lord’s temple. As she knelt down to pray, a part of her wished that this wouldn’t be the end of her two weeks relationship.

Written by Fruitful E. John

© Fruitful writes 2019

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