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Written by Pastor Soji Ajayi-Albert.

“Hello, I’m Elijah. May I speak with the doctor?”

“Enh? Pardon me.. Elijah?”

“Yes, it’s me. I’m down and in urgent need of care!”…


We classify men into two groups : the super humans and the natural.

But that status stratification is a myth. Men are men; and there’s no super class. The ground is level in nature.

Consider Elijah. Here’s the prophet who’d softened the steely king with his fiery dispatch from God’s wrathful breath. The prophets who’d brought the fire down, moved the straying people to return to God, and turned brook Kidron red with the blood of 400 priests of Baal, putting the instrumentation of idolatry in the nation out of operation!

Now this awesome fiery preacher and stormy petrel lay. pulp wishing he were dead!

He needed help; but no one offered him any. So, he turned to His God. There were other 7000 pure hibernating prophets in the land ; but none was handy to help lift the lone fighter from Tishbite.

Because none thought he would ever need any prop. After all, he’s Elijah and ; he doesn’t belong on the human plane.!!!

Now I’m in tears.. Because Elijah was my soul-mate.

We labour to save souls; but when ours are in jeopardy who offers us the life-line?


Perhaps none because we aren’t supposed to need anyone since we are prophets and therefore made of celestial materials!

We prayed and wept sore before Heaven’s shore to build families, rescue destinies and link men with their Maker.

But when our own families are falling apart and our calling is threatened with extinction no one gives us a whimper of prayer or a dash of touching concern.

Reason: we are prophets and so, are supposed to be insulated against life’s storms !

The Lord has a controversy against us; who watch his servants grieve with needs, groan in pains, their families in storms, their calling in crisis, their strength running low, their enemies closing in..while we sit fiddle-playing and blaming them for being men!


Pray for the prophets. They’re just men. Be close to their world. Listen to the murmurs of their distress and throw them the needed life-line. Otherwise, their antenna would succumb to the pangs of life’s storms giving rise to blur or no vision and no direction.

And the people will perish.


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