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Melissa was glad to leave and be by herself. It had been a hot afternoon session with Mr. Glisson. Rather than just taking down her name and giving her a date for the commencement of their premarital counselling, he had been more concerned with helping her reason through her decision. After getting her to give every piece of information he wanted, he had perceived that a lady may be making a wrong choice.

“Miss Melissa, you must be sure that you are compatible with this man. You need to take a compatibility test and your faith should be the first to be considered.” He had said after giving her a date.

Her hungry stomach jumped for joy as her nose breathed in the smell of a nicely prepared food. In less than three minutes of settling down in a chair, the waiter was there to receive her orders. It took longer to finish the meal as she pondered the words of the counselor again. Truth be told, she hadn’t known Jarvis enough to ascertain their compatibility.

The little she knew however were too obvious to be ignored. Their last misunderstanding had been more of a cold war. Jarvis had not been responsive the way he used to be. They hadn’t had any outing since then and he didn’t seem excited when they talked on phone.

As she chewed another spoonful of rice in her mouth, her phone rang. She searched through her bag to find it. “Not again.” She said to herself. It was her mum. She had called two days ago to ask how far with her plans. She had assured her, she’ll be bringing him home by the end of the week. Now that Jarvis is behaving strangely, she’s not sure if that will be possible any longer. She ignored the call, putting it on silence.

“How lost can a pretty lady be?” A male voice said from behind.

She jerked and turned back. He was a light skinned tall man dressed in a sky blue shirt on black trouser with sleeves rolled up to his elbow, holding his tray with both hands. Beholding the sight of blue made her eyes widened. It was her best color cutely fitted on a handsome man.

“Excuse me.” She said, hoping he’ll repeat himself.

He winked and with his eyes brought her gaze to the plate on her table. She had been lost in thought she hadn’t realized the food had finished. The spoon had played on the plate as she moved her hands back and forth.

“You must have travelled the world in few minutes.” He teased. “Can I sit?” He asked. She smiled, nodding in the affirmative.

“Would you give me the honor of knowing you? I’m Ken”


The rest of the day was as lively as Ken himself – calm, cheerful and inquisitive. It was just thirty minutes and it looked like they had known themselves forever.

“You look beautifully dressed and moderate. A Christian?” That was ken, he was good at playing around with words and digging into ones thoughts.

“Yes.” She nodded. She couldn’t help but notice his sense of humor. From sharing with her how hungry he was to how stressful work was. A sparkling straight forward sanguine almost impossible to resist.

“Shall I drop you off?” He said as they stepped out of the restaurant.

“Don’t bother Sire. I’ll be going to bible study from here.”

“Exactly the answer I wanted to hear.”


“Where you’ll be going after here” He said and winked. She smiled. He seemed to have the key to unlock her mouth perhaps her heart too.

“You see, God is interested in everything we do as believers. He’s interested in telling us how best to carry out our assignments at work. He’s interested in guiding us in the choice of a career. He’s interested in teaching us how to win in the battles of life. The reason why many believers find themselves in prolonged dilemma is because they forgot to carry God along…”

Bro. Jerry was the one handling the bible study today. His words carried much weight and the people listened with rapt attention. Melissa nodded her head meditatively, her right hand moving against her jotter at intervals. She must be hearing God from Bro. Jerry’s mouth.

She looked up again after jotting a few more things. Her eyes caught a glimpse of Mrs. Annabel in the front. Almost immediately, a hand tapped her shoulder from the back. She turned. It was Jarvis wearing a smiling face.

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