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My ears appeared to grow bigger as he summarized his sermon. “A life without the Holy Ghost is lively purposeless and a purposeless life is powerfully dead.”

“God! Is that me? Is that my condition?”

“Yes!” my mind replied.

My eyes widened as I stared into the air. The more I tried to think that wasn’t for me, the more it rang loudly in my ears. I saw myself in front of myself sitting down with a frustrated look as I flipped through the pages of the bible.

Then I remembered how I opened my devotional and bible every day like it was some compulsory lecture note to be read with no understanding what so ever. Just when I was trying to connect the dots, I saw myself kneeling down with my head laid on a plastic chair snoring heavily.

“Lord. What is this?”

“Ishkato skata lebroshiiiii…”

“Huh!” I whispered with shock.

My dad will tear me apart if he knew I attended a meeting with these ‘speaking in tongues’ people. I thought and looked back towards the entrance. My head told me to stand up and go home. Just when I was about to give in, he dropped another bomb shell.

“A life without the Holy Ghost is dead to the ultimate purposes of God. Such a life cannot comprehend or gain relevance in God’s agenda. Stop it! Stop living as if the Holy Ghost is not a necessity. He is.”

Was I the only one in this meeting? Why did it appear like he was talking to only me. Although I grew up in a church that preaches the Holy Ghost as a gift of the Spirit, they never preached it like it was a necessity. There was nothing supernatural about the way it was preached and I didn’t have any of these feelings in any of the teachings. Speaking in tongues? It was not allowed in my church. And my dad even speaks against it in the house.

“God! I just hope this is not heresy.”

“Except of course if you have no desire to leave a footprint in the sand of time.” He continued.

“And if that is the case, you certainly do not have a desire to make Heaven. For how can you live without obeying the command to be a light in the world and make heaven?”

“Hmmm… so you too have heaven in view?” I thought.

“Some people want ice cream Christianity, cold but nice. They want their churches to be like museums. But the church is not a freeze box. It is the Father’s house. The Holy Spirit warms us up for the Father’s house.”

Now, that describes my church. The last time someone attempted to lead a prayer in a charismatic way? He was warned and sanctioned publicly.

Then came the statement that ignited my hunger.

“The Holy Spirit empowerment is intended to be the normal way Christians function. Therefore, it is abnormal not to be filled with the Holy Spirit. It is not the will of God at all!”

“If you want this experience, it is time to ask for it.”

I jumped to my feet before anyone else could.

If there was anything called the Holy Ghost baptism, it must happen to me today. Even if I had to pass the night in this hall all alone, I would.

I remembered the two pictures of myself I saw earlier during the sermon and my desperation heightened. No more dozing off during prayers. No! No more reading the bible like story book. No more boring Christianity. No more religious frustrations. If there was any time to experience God, it was now and nothing was going to stop me.

“Lord! I’m tired. I’m tired of boring Christianity. I’m tired of been cold. I’m tired of been normal. Set me on fire for you Lord. Quicken my spirit. I want to burn!” I screamed not caring what people would think.

“Where is the Lord God of Elijah?” I heard Apostle Salimon shout and my body lost control.

…to be continued…

And when he had said this, he breathed on them, and saith unto them, Receive ye the Holy Ghost. John 20:22.

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