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Written by Fruitful E. John

The lady beside me dropped her head on my shoulder and shook with fright. Her pen and jotter fell off. She opened her eyes mildly and I could see the shame in her eyes. She reached forward and picked her materials. In no time, she dozed off again.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

I glanced at my wristwatch and he had only been preaching for thirty minutes. His sermon always lasted two hours. Again, I felt my consciousness ebbing away. I fought it. I couldn’t just allow sleep deprive me of being a good example for the young ones in the church especially Esther – a girl I was hoping would be my disciple soon. I looked in her direction and she was asleep too.

“Just a moment.” My mind whispered to my brain. I placed my head on the chair in front of me and I let it – I let my eyes flicker into darkness.

Great fear fell on me as I lifted my gaze slowly from the tiled floor. The silence that greeted me sent shivers down my spine. It felt like I was in a cemetery.

Did everyone just go home without waking me up? Not even Esther? I raised my head fully and couldn’t believe my eyes. Pastor Timothy was on the podium with his head on the pulpit. Was he dead?

A look at my environment and I got more bewildered. No one had left the church, almost everyone had their head on the chair in front of them.

I stood up disgusted. Then I saw, I saw two fat women which I later recognized as the church secretary and the welfare mama. They were smiling with a sense of fulfillment.

“Mrs. Arowolo, Mrs. Alabi…”

They looked up with shock written on their faces.

“What is the living doing among the dead?” Mrs. Arowolo asked, like an eagle about to pick on a chick.

“Who is living and who is dead?” I asked confused.

“We are in trouble.” Mrs. Alabi said. “We had better send her out before she wakes others.”

“Haa! See that one, she’s yawning, she’s yawning!” Mrs. Arowolo shouted like someone raising a danger alert.

My eyes followed her finger and I saw Esther, Pastor John’s daughter with her hand in her mouth like someone yawning.

“All the coldness will soon fizzle out from inside her. Yeee… she will come for her mum and her dad. What are we going to do? What are we going to do?” Mrs. Alabi lamented, clapping her legs like a mother whose only son was dying.

“Inashakatoskalabrash ElaskiboratalibRadosh…”

The loudness or perhaps the power in that tongue geared me back to reality. I looked back and there was Esther, praying with all seriousness and vibrancy. I couldn’t believe the accuracy of the revelation I just had. This church will not remain the same I heard my inner voice say.

As I stood up to join the end of service congregational prayer session, I caught a glimpse of Mrs. Alabi, the secretary signaling to a female usher. The usher walked up to Esther. I knew what that was, it was a caution to reduce her voice or perhaps to stop her from praying in tongues. She had no choice but to obey. I sensed her discouragement.

“She needs wisdom, teach her” my inner voice instructed.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

“Jesus is not happy with our church.” Esther began as we settled down on a bench under a mango tree on the church premises.

“Why do you say that?” I asked.

“I saw Him.”

“You saw Him? When?”

“At the youth conference and even today?”


“He told me our church looks like a living church but its dead. He told me there are more tares than wheat in our church. That the tares have choked the wheat. The wheat is running out of nutrients and is dying.”


“He also told me that the tares could perform their enterprise as long as the leadership of the church relied more on obedience to church traditions than on God to choose its leaders…”

…to be continued…

“But while men slept, the enemy came and sowed tares among the wheat…” – Mathew 13:25.

Written by Fruitful E. John

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  1. Thanks for the write up.
    This calls for more personal relationship with Jesus Christ, especially one with much intensity beyond the ordinary show of today’s christian practices.

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