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Written by Fruitful E. John

I shouldn’t have been surprised that God was revealing this much to a naive teenager, yet I was. The revelations the Lord had given to her aligned perfectly with some of the things I had seen. The one question that rang in my heart while she spoke was what God wanted to achieve by revealing this to us simultaneously.

“I don’t know. I’m just tired of this church. I’m tired of everything. Many things are not right.” Esther lamented and I jolted back from my thoughts.

“Hmmm… Didn’t He tell you what to …?”

“Yeah, He did. He told me to begin playing the role of prophet Ezekiel. I don’t even know what that means. What can a little me do?” Her tender voice said. I could sense both her fears and her timidity.

“Very soon, the strike would be called off and you will return back to campus. I’m scared that this change and excitement I have about God will disappear when you’re gone.”

“Hmmm… OK. Enough of the complaints.” I said, adjusting myself on the bench as if getting ready for a coaching session. Oh yes! That was what it was.

“Now listen. First, there is nothing little about you.”

“What?” Her countenance read.

“Yeah, I know you are your father’s little princess, you’re still in SS3 and you’re under the guidance of your parent. But you see, the new you is greater than most people you see in our church.”

“I don’t get it.”

“OK. When a man gets in touch with the Holy Ghost, he becomes another man. His right as a child of God becomes more pronounced. Before now, he is shielded by Christ. But now, he himself has become a shield. He receives the ability to call forth things into reality from the realm of the supernatural. For as long as he uses his authority, the kingdom of darkness becomes scared of him.

Esther, right now, the kingdom of darkness is in fright, running helter-skelter because they know that if you know what they know about what you carry, they are in trou…”

“Sisters of God!” I heard a voice say from behind. We turned. It was Mrs. Arowolo, the welfare mama.

“Is there another service going on here?” She teased.

“Oh no ma,” I replied with a smile. “We were just waiting for Esther’s dad to be through with the meetings.”

“Oh! That’s alright.” Then she turned to Esther with a changed countenance “I hope you haven’t started attending your worldly school fellowship?”

“No ma” Esther replied, avoiding her gaze.

“Because I was wondering where you got those strange tongues you exhibited during the service.” She said, clapped her hands with a sarcastic rhythm and stood akimbo.

“You people should be careful of services you attend and please don’t bring strange fire into our church.” She warned and kept quiet.

“She’s sorry ma,” I said breaking the silence. Esther repeated after me “I’m sorry ma.”

“I better talk to your mum to be more vigilant.” She said and walked off.

Esther looked at me and I read in her eyes – fear, discouragement, despair, despondency. More pronounced than the rest was her doubt. I understood. I went through the same when I first got the baptism of the Holy Ghost. Our religious background was such that we relegated the realities of the Holy Ghost.

Sometimes, they even insinuate that those who work in these realities were possessed with a demon.

“Look here girl, you saw Jesus didn’t you?” I asked and she nodded in the affirmative.

“Good! How has it been since yesterday’s encounter?”

“I have been full of joy and unexplainable peace. My elder brother has been calmed since I prayed in his presence which is unusual. My quiet time this morning was great. I haven’t prayed for more than ten minutes before but today, I prayed for 45 minutes. I stayed awake throughout the family devotion yesternight. This morning, when I rebelled against dad in my heart as we drove to church, something told me what I did wasn’t right and that I should apologize and I did. Mum…” She was saying in her childish voice when I cut in.

“Alright. Alright…” I said, my hands gesticulating to regulate her pace.”

“Now, do you think a devil would have repaired your life this much overnight? Do you think a devil will stir you up to obey God and be obedient to your parents? Do you think a devil would give you the strength to pray? Do you think a devil will show you that the church needs to be revived?”

“No… No… No…” She replied as I threw the question at her one after the other. When I was done, her fear had melted into thin air.

“Never, never let anyone make you think you have a devil. You don’t! You have the Holy Ghost. Say to yourself I have the Holy Ghost.”

“I have the Holy Ghost.”

“I have the life-giving Spirit of God.”

“I have the life-giving Spirit of God.”

“Satan is in trouble!”

“Satan is in trouble!” She said raising her voice and her right hand simultaneously.

“Esther! Esther!” Her mum yelled from afar.

“I think dad is ready.”

“Yeah, you should go now. But just before you do, they can stop you from praying in tongues in church, but they can’t stop you from praying it at home, in school or in your mind. Speaking in tongues is your prayer language. Don’t be afraid. When the Holy Ghost gives you utterance, use it! It charges your spirit man.”

“That’s all. You can go.” I said. She looked towards where her mum had been and could not find her.

“One more thing,” she said as she turned her head to face me.

“The prophet Ezekiel thing keeps ringing in my heart. Somehow you forgot to say something about it.”

“Oh! That. God was simply telling you to intercede for the church. Just like we have ascertained, our church is like a valley of dead dry bones and God wants us to pro-phe-sy life into it.”

My mouth slowed down midway. I didn’t even realize that until now. This was it! God wanted us to pray. How did I forget that the first thing to do when God was revealing something about his church was to pray more for the church.

“Can we meet to pray one of these days?”

“Esther! Esther! Es…”

“You should go now. See you at the youth bible study on Thursday.”

She ran off and my eyes followed. Her mum’s eyeballs rolled in circles and I couldn’t just imagine what poison Mrs. Arowolo had poured into her.

“In the valley of dead dry bones, there can only be two categories of personalities – The dead dry bones and the Ezekiels!”

“Oh, precious Lord!” I said to myself. That looked like the interpretation of the revelation I had during the service. I and Esther are the Ezekiels in this valley of dead dry bones.

Ready to go home, I stood up on my feet.

“Wherever the sole of my feet shall tread upon, the Lord shall give unto me.

I prophesy life, life into every youth in this church.

I prophesy an awakening.

Dry bones!

Come alive,

Come alive!

Raagadoshikata lebrandish

Immanshphato skato brando

limbrashisphato kabash

ratoskilatodashibo” walking and praying in my mind all the way home.

…to be continued…

“And I sought for a man among them, that should make up the hedge, and stand in the gap before me for the land…” – Ezekiel 22:30.

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