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Some sensations washed over me like water cascading down a cliff, leaping from rock to rock. The rhythm of the heavenly song from Sharon pierced through my skin, causing my bones to shiver. I wanted to close my eyes, at the same time, I wanted to open them.

I thought of putting a call through to sister Lydia. She was the one that had organized the prayer session, but she had to leave immediately she was done, leaving me the assignment to interact with the attendees and get their contacts. I was doing just that when suddenly I felt like singing. I raised a song and others joined me.

We were only worshipping God for giving us the opportunity to intercede for the church when Sharon started screaming. Few minutes later, her screams turned to a song. It looked like she was speaking in tongues, yet she was singing.

We held hands for about ten minutes more, singing ‘kadosh kadosh, you are mighty on your throne’. Then I decided it was time to bring the meeting to a close.

“In Jesus name we have worshipped.”


Everywhere was silent. Just when i was about to open my mouth, Sharon whispered

“The well of life is here. Right here. Right now. Draw… draw… draw…”

“Eeiiiiiya ya. My father.” Mathew groaned from behind.

“The water is flowing freely, someone will be immersed in the living water now.” She said.


mama…” Rachael mumbled.

“Jesus! Are you here? Can you hear me? Fill me with all of you.” Tobi shouted.

“The journey is far… Eat… Eat… Eat…this is the right time to eat…” Sharon continued.

I stood with my eyes opened watching all that was happening simultaneously.

“Jesus! Is that you? What are those angels carrying? Angelic food? Haaa! Please feed me. Feed me with the food of the immortals…” Lara lamented and went on her knees. Tears rushed down her eyes as she buried her face in her palms.

“Fire o! I see fire! I see fire! Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeee” Mary, the youngest of us screamed, throwing her hands and legs in the air.

“Maragadosh skitalambro mantosheya… I want more, I want more, more o, I want more…”

“Haa! Go ahead Lord. Burn off. Burn off everything that will not allow you to feed me. Let there be a burning by mercy, my Fatherrrrr” Rachel said, her two hands locked together and pressing down her head.

The sun was going down and I knew what that meant for most of us. We were all teenagers and our parents would need our attention for dinner. This explained why I kept my eyes opened, looking for any short opportunity to calm everyone down and bring the meeting to a close.

“Until Elijah ate, he could not confront Jezebel. You cannot defeat that strongman in your family lineage until you eat enough to conquer… Eat! Eat! Esther… Eat!”

My stomach shook as the words hit my ears. My head felt like it was expanding. My breathe increased at the same rate as my desperation. I didn’t know what to say. What would I ask for? I closed my eyes for a start. Then I saw.

“Fffffffaaaaaathhhhhhhhhhherrrr!” I screamed.

I was seeing a mantle hanging in the air. On it was written “For the deliverance of John’s family.”

I saw myself sitting on the ground, weak and helpless. I attempted to raise my hands but they had no stamina.

“Haaaaaa! See this weak child. My God! Quicken me o God!” I prayed.

“Eat…eat…et!” Sharon shouted.

I raised my head and opened my mouth literally like I wanted to receive a spoon full of rice. Just then I saw a man drop a big bowl of burning fire right in front of me.

“Eat! Eat in the morning, eat in the afternoon, eat in the night. You can’t exhaust it.” The man in white said to me.

“Eebi npa mi o (I am hungry o)” Sharon shouted.

“Something is wrong with me. Why am I not seeing anything? why am I not hungry? Father! Baptize me with hunger!” Introverted Timothy shouted at the top of his voice.

…to be continued…

“And the angel of the Lord came… and touched him, and said, Arise and eat; because the journey is too great for thee.” – 1 Kings 19:7

“…(Eat) the fire that saith not, it is enough.” – Proverbs 30:16.

Written by:
Fruitful E. John

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