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FIRE IN MY BONES: Last episode

P.S: You may need to read episode 10 again.

I opened my eyes to check the wall clock behind the pulpit. My fear was that time had passed and mum would be greatly worried. I guessed right. It was five minutes to 8PM already. We had been agonizing for more than two hours.

Sharon, Mathew, Timothy and the rest were still on their knees. Tears continued to rush down their faces like some taps had been let loose. Wild and thunderous tongues flowed out of their mouth, causing the atmosphere to become more heated.

Some of the youths sat on the floor. Others were flat on their chest. Yusuf was still laughing hard in the Spirit. The two other boys were now sited on the floor beside me, singing all kinds of angelic songs.

I was still contemplating whether or not to leave when I saw Him. He couldn’t be mistaken -dressed in an exceptionally glowing white robe, His hair like the dew of the morning, His eyes brighter than the morning star. They shone so brightly that I couldn’t look at them. His presence was huge – so heavy that I thought I would faint.

“This is a church on fire.” He said and literal fire descended on the pulpit. I screamed at the sight of wild fire burning just a few centimeters away from bro Lawrence. He had his head between his thighs.

“Jesus!” He screamed immediately the fire descended.

“Baptize me. Immerse me. Consume me. Make me a firebrand Lord.” He shouted and fell flat on his chest. Almost immediately, he sat up, facing the pulpit, holding his legs and roaring in wild tongues.

“The prayer bank of this church have been filled up with the tender, sincere and heartfelt prayers of you and your colleagues in the past few weeks. Here is the reward.” He continued. The light radiating from His presence shone brighter causing every other thing to become invisible.

“Henceforth, the activities of darkness in this church cease to be hidden.” He said and I repeated after him spontaneously.

“I have remembered this church for good. And I will raise up fruitful members of the body of Christ from this church.

This is what I want to do in every cold church. But the young ones whose prayers should be more efficient and richer have been deluded by the enemy.

Fashion trends and worldly pleasures have made God and the church none of their business. The parents are not helping matters. They discourage their children from experiencing the fullness of the Holy Spirit. They are afraid that their wards may become fanatics.

This is your mandate. Tell such youths. Warn such parents. They will be judged for their insolence.

Esther, I have chosen you. This is your purpose. Go and win teenagers and young adults over Expose them to the person of the Holy Spirit. I need them for the end time revival that will sweep across the earth. A revival greater than the Welsh revival.”

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

The strike was called off that Thursday night. I returned back to school on Saturday with all joy. Esther called on Sunday night to inform me that the headquarter church had sent them a new Pastor. She even mentioned how the worship service became a deliverance service. I could sense the joy in her voice. The church did not remain the same.

“The fire must not go out o.” I warned.

“It won’t ma. I spoke to Sharon and Mathew in the morning… We have the permission of the new Pastor to hold youth prayer vigils every Friday.”

“Wow! That’s great!”

“Thanks sister Lydia. Thanks for organizing that prayer meeting.”

“To God be the glory.” I smiled and replied.

The joy of fulfilment overwhelmed me. Yet, I couldn’t forget that this was just one of the situations God wanted me to rescue.

“Oh for grace to be more sensitive to the Holy Spirit. Oh for courage to carry out more of His biddings at all cost. Oh for added strength in the things I cannot do alone.” I prayed.

“And the church was filled with smoke from the glory of God and from His power…” – Revelations 15:8.


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Written by Fruitful E. John

Copyright@ Fruitful Writes

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