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Just Between Us



For the first time in long time I found myself in a football house. Dressed in my long black skirt, red T-shirt and S.U scarf, I sat at the passage way entrance, watching as many trooped into the center to watch the match between Liverpool and Man City.

Within the first ten minutes, I heard a thunderous shout. “Goal!” I almost screamed along from the effect of its impulse. It was Liverpool’s first goal.

Just then, two young men walked into the passage way where I sat. Both dressed in black T-shirts and black Jeans. The slim one seemed to be the escort of the fat one. He arranged a table, a chair and even sent a small boy on errand to buy his boss water and milk. I was wondering what that would be used for.

In no time, the fat young man brought out his cigarettes. No respect for me and others by the passage way and certainly no respect for the multitudes in the viewing centre.

I couldn’t stand the odour. So my gentle self carried my gentle body and walked out, only to find another man dressed in tattered jeans confronting the manager of the viewing centre.

“I hate the smell of cigarettes. You should tell that man to come out from the vicinity.”

The manager apologized and did just that. He pleaded with the fat young boss to please smoke his cigarettes outside.

Few minutes after, the manager of the viewing centre found me and said.

“Sister, which is more horrible? The smell of cigarette or that of weed?”

I stared at him, wondering what he was trying to insinuate.

“That man that came to confront me is a weed addict. He smokes weed every now and then. How can he say he hates the smell of cigarette? Out of weed or cigarette, which is more horrible?” He asked again.

I just smiled.

Beloved, is your case not like this? Are you not busy condemning just a stick of cigarette in other people’s life when yours is full of weeds? I fear for those who pick out wrongs in people’s life easily. I ask you, do you examine your life as much as you examine others?

Do you know that the most dangerous of sins are the sins that cannot be seen too easily? Whilst you go about condemning others, is your soul secured?

What about the envy and bitterness that pops up in your attitude every now and then? What about those evil thoughts and anger outbursts? What about the silent jealousy in your heart? And the burning hatred in your soul? What about the little lust hiding underneath your tie? How about the evil wishes beneath your scarf?

The point is, sin is sin, whether or not it is visible to all. And all sinners will end in hell without exception. Beware of the leaven of the Pharisees. Beware of hypocrisy!

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