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It’s the birth anniversary of someone special.

He is Oduniyi Olajide David. Personally, I call him gospelbreed.

FB_IMG_15928132421940556-1 TechieBreed

My mentor, introduced me to David and ever since then it’s been awe-mazing.

David is such a sweet soul, an author, graphic designer and web developer per excellence.

He is one of those few people who will go the extra mile for you even if he has not seen you personally.

Today is his birthday. I would love you, my friends to say words of prayers for him.

David has two websites, GospelBreed and his recently launched website,

TechieBreed is centered on how you can personally develop, design and manage any website with zero coding skills amongst others.

This is for every business owner who would love to have an online presence as well as prospective bloggers and already existing bloggers who would love to understand the basics and technicality of operating a website.

Techiebreed services are top notch. I can boldy vouch their services when it comes to website and graphics design jobs.

I will recommend TechieBreed anytime, anyday.

Another awesome truth about TechieBreed service is that you get more than you order for.

The exquisite professional prowess, the rare and awesome customer service and lots more.

TechieBreed is indeed the first amongst the best.

You can check out techiebreed services through this link below.


You can also read spirit stirring stories on his blog at


Don’t forget to subscribe to his blogs.

Happy birthday David!

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2 thoughts on “TechieBreed”

  1. PeaceWrites!
    This post got me teary.
    Who am I, if not for the grace of God.
    I appreciate the love and support dear sis.
    May God bless and honour you too.
    I’ve never stopped visiting Peacewrites Blog, and I don’t plan to.

    Thanks for all you do!

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