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Days revolved into weeks; and weeks into months but Mama’s health deteriorated along. Damilola and Michael were doing fine so I soon forgot about them and focused on my work and taking care of Mama. It was exactly five months… Continue Reading →


“Orun Oun aye kun fun ogo re. (The heavens and the earth is full of your Glory)” I heard Mama Aderinto, my Grandmother sang one evening as I stopped in front of her room. I opened the door.I entered.She was… Continue Reading →


Written by Stephen Angbulu The Sprint from the parking lot felt like hours. She had fallen seven whopping minutes behind schedule. Her pace doubled, tugging her 3-year-old “future pilot” along. If she makes the 10-minute grace period, little Alfred stands… Continue Reading →


The Hymn Challenge 2.0 With Oluwabori Adekanye Day 7 Choosing a favorite hymn for me is a big challenge, because it’s going to take a lot of meditation and cross checking to find my favorite. After thorough search and consideration… Continue Reading →

Farther Along

Hymn Challenge 2019 Day 9 Written by Joy Chukwu Have you ever wondered why some things just happen without a fore warning? Why sometimes you fail an exam even after studying? Why some Christians are in lack even when their… Continue Reading →

The Old Rugged Cross

The Hymn Challenge 2.0 With Nnaemeka Emmanuel *Day 12* Actually, it’s been my best hymn since I knew right from wrong… Looking at the vicarious death of Christ on the cross of Calvary for man’s redemption and the price, so… Continue Reading →


I sat down at breakfast with my family enjoying the meal, suddenly my cell phone rang. “Olubunmi” The voice at the other end cried. “Something bad has happened!” “Sandra, what is wrong?” I asked as my mom stared at me…. Continue Reading →

This thing called Grace.

It had started again! This time it was more severe than the others before.

Oreofe Martins tossed and turned in her bed as she mumbled words incoherently. Her hands flew to the sky as she tried to fight an invisible being. “Go away, please go away” she muttered as she tried to scream, but her voice was barely a whisper.

The bedcover landed on the floor first, followed by the blanket and then with a loud thud she fell to the ground. Her eyes flew open as a ray of light settled on her eyelids. Her body ached terribly as she held her throbbing head. “Why this again?” she asked no one in particular as a lone tear escaped her eyes.

“Jesus, I am tired of this” Oreofe whispered tearfully as she held her chest.

The day before she tried to wake up but couldn’t. An imposing, huge and dark being had hovered above her and pressed her to the bed. She had been able to hear voices around her but could not respond. Every attempt to voice out or move her body was futile. She had just lain there on her bed as unresponsive as death.

“Father, I am…

My Big Day

Yippee! Can you see me shouting right now? Can you see the big grin on my face? Oh Yeah! It’s a shout of victory Hooray! I made it through this long year 365 days! This only has been God. Putting… Continue Reading →


Hymn Challenge 2019 Day 13 There are times we get low, this makes us human and makes God, God. I know this should be about inspirational hymns but this is as inspirational to me as every other hymns. Have you… Continue Reading →

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